Stinkor & Scare Glow Star in Waiting For God-Lyn

I can’t believe I’m at this stage in my life where I suddenly have opinions about Masters Of The Universe! Opinions beyond “Saurod was killed off too soon!” That’s making my decision not to make a separate “MOTU” tag even more arbitrary. This’ll be divvied up betwixt Masterverse news, general rambling, & a custom repaint as the new age of wonderment foretold. (It turns out news sites will run articles about anything these days.) My least favorite play is Waiting For God-Lyn (after Our Town, naturally).


Even evil warriors can do their part during a pandemic!


M biggest MOTU Revelation wishlist wants are women since they got the most interesting redesigns. With only one woman per Masterverse wave so far, it’s going to be a long time before Mattel puts a dent in it despite the cartoon only having a handful of them. With it adding in more non-Revelation into Masterverse, my concern is that completion will get delayed further if the sole female slot isn’t MOTUR. Ideally Mattel would make at least two women per wave so different eras wouldn’t all be vying for the same niche. Many of the MOTUR designs look similar to traditional looks, which is good for cross-sell but I don’t want Mattel to only focus on those safer designs. I’d hate for them to pick cameo Blast-Attak over actual character Queen Marlena in an assortment with only one MOTUR slot available. The further we get away from MOTUR being current (unless it gets renewed), the less push there’s going to be to get any unique looking characters produced. Then I worry about the line collapsing under He-Man & Skeletor variants like the last cartoon reboot at retail.

I heard a rumor the next two Masterverse assortments won’t include anyone from Revelation. WTF? There’s so many cool designs & key players left undone! Supposedly wave five is classic She-Ra, classic Catra, CGI He-Man, & New Eternia Beast Man, while wave six is Sun Man, New Eternia Battle Armor He-Man, Jitsu, & Frosta. I get that Masterverse isn’t supposed to only be MOTUR, but abandoning it after it’s been anchoring the series for the first four assortments is drastic.

It’s not like Origins & CGI He-Man & The MOTU (whose Stratos looks like Falcon merged with A-Train) suddenly switched gears completely before completing their initial focuses. MOTU Origins is expanding beyond its original remit to include 2002 designs to dubious success, which undermines Masterverse as the catch-all series. It weirdly refuses to include SPOP toys beyond She-Ra though. I would’ve expected Masterverse would handle MOTU2K while Origins encompasses classic SPOP instead. So the kids’ CGI line is currently the only one that’s focused on just one iteration of the property. If they’d had mixed different iterations together from the start, suddenly getting zero MOTUR in two consecutive Masterverse waves would feel less alarming.

Luckily this rumor was debunked by a leaked photo showing SkeleSorceress-Lyn is on the way! Roboto is MOTUR too & possibly Stratos despite just being a cameo. The only MOTUR character officially shown at Mattel’s Toy Fair equivalent (At least it was better than McFarlane’s.) along with the rumored selection was He-Ro, whose face looks under-rendered. It’s unclear how or if the revealed heroes & villains will be intermingled at retail, so it’s more likely there will only be one assortment without MOTUR.

I was only collecting this series for Revelation, so none of these appeal to me. I would’ve liked Catra & Hordak if they were from the She-Ra & The Princesses Of Power reboot. I’d especially like She-Ra (costume 2), Catra, Scorpia, Mermista, Sea Hawk, Hordak, Rogelio, & Huntara. Should these SPOP toys be as slavish as the new HMATMOTU though? The CGI cartoon combines absurd proportions with plenty of detail, so they’d instantly look wrong being adapted to a standard Masterverse style. The She-Ra designs are more minimalist, however, so I don’t think raising their detail to the Masterverse standard would make them unrecognizable. Because of the scale, they’d more easily run the risk off resembling off-model bootlegs if they tried to keep them simplified. This retrospective Catradora interview shows the the reboot is still culturally significant, so is there a reason besides homophobia not to merchandise it better?

I asked nicely for God-Lyn & got nothing. They didn’t even officially reveal SkeleSorceress Evil-Lyn from the Brazilian leak, so that’s probably far off. (A Valentine’s Day repaint isn’t in the cards. Maybe they can purchase this fan redesign to make as New Eternia Evil-Lyn?) Sorceress Teela, who might even be in greater demand, & Orko The White were likewise not confirmed.

Apparently Netflix & Mattel were pleased with MOTUR’s part one performance. We don’t now how the second half compared yet. Tony Todd teases season two is to come? So Mattel will drag out the production of God-Lyn & company until that airs, by which point most customers will be wondering why the new characters & designs aren’t available? Or just skip her completely if she skips its sophomore season? Doesn’t Mattel realize that the longer the delay in producing these, the more likely I’ll use my limited funds to buy non-hypothetical toys from other companies instead? This God-Lyn custom needs more muscles, but it’s better than the nothing Mattel has produced.


On the umpteenth rewatch of that scene, it finally does sound like Scare Glow correctly calls Evil-Lyn’s upgraded form God-Lyn not Dark-Lyn. It’s amazing what cleaning one’s ears & adjusting volume will do! My apologies to The Lord Of Subternia. So now there’s even less excuse for the fandom to get her champion name wrong. Swole-Lyn & Buff-Lyn are acceptable substitutes, however, since they’re as goofy as traditional MOTU names.

MOTUR proved that Evil-Lyn excels at a variety of headgear. Horokoth inspied her bat hat. You don’t see many fictional women rocking head ornamentation aside from masks these days. CGI-Lyn needs her hair to hold up her breastplate?

Art Noveau Evil-Lyn by Oscar Jimenez shows her on better terms with Panthor. In some countries, Evil-Lyn is known as Maligna, which is also the name of a TMNT villainess.

Who they cast as He-Man in the new live action MOTU movie (Are they ever to attempt a She-Ra movie?) is not as important as who they get for Evil-Lyn/God-Lyn. Can they get Lena Headey to reprise the role? Antje Traue & Noomi Rapace would also be good picks. Will they get her headdress right this time? Make God-Lyn the big bad of the live action Masters Of The Universe movie, cowards!

Was Skeletor wearing a skinsuit this whole time? To counter Castle Grayskullman, he fuses with Snake Mountain. This is bonehead discrimination!

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of Cringer. Why doesn’t Cringer talk when he transforms into Battle Cat? I would’ve expected it to be vice versa. Is this plush Battle Cat big enough for me to ride unlike my catsquatch?

Fisto was inspired by Ryan North?

Original MOTU & SPOP were made by pacifists!


Stinkor should’ve come with Joker’s acid spray so it wouldn’t leave my custom Gotham Joker bereft. This trade’s a no-go for me when I confirmed I’d need to whittle down the acid stream to fit his mouth hole, which would make it too loose to swap back to the flower. Masterverse makes me glad I missed the MOTUC version even if he’s not odoriferous. Now are they going to make Goat Man to go with him?

“My Stinkor has no nose.”

“How does he smell?”



Is Stinkor appreciated by the Furry community, or does Beast Man hog all the love?

Scare Glow has a superb redesign since it’s instantly recognizable yet distinct. I picked up glow in the dark paint with him so I could make his non-skull bones glow for a fraction of the SDCC version’s cost. The model sheet does show him with glowing yellow bones like the mass market version, but in the cartoon his glow is a strong green like the exclusive.


“Pay no attention to the labels inside my skirt when I’m trying to be intimidating!”

Folk Art green was the only GITD paint at the Walmart I got Scare Glow, so that’s what I went with. In addition to resembling a shamrock shake, it was much thinner than I expected. Although I didn’t try to even out his odd skeletal proportions, I added his patellas & several phalanges. (I saw one with half his rib cage unpainted, but even that’d been snapped up when I returned a week later. The cracks in his right humerus appear intentional.) The GITD plastic of his skull absorbed the GITD paint best without losing translucency altogether. I had to apply so many coats elsewhere that I lost count. Eventually I had to just quit before I went mad. Its coverage still didn’t turn out as consistent as the SDCC version. If you want to be charitable, you might say the range in values adds verisimilitude to his glow. This never would’ve happened if I’d been using Undark! It retrospect, it may’ve worked better to paint everything in a consistent non-glowing green before applying the glowing green. I sealed it with clear gloss so he’d look radiant in the light too.


Here’s a little something for whomever’s aroused by bioluminescent skeleton beefcake. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

Shading was added inside his jaw. The metallic purple bits got silver detailing to match the cartoon. In addition to GITD green, I gave his halberd extra vibrant metallic green over the more subtle factory paint on the sharp bits. I only had to blind my myself to discover Mattel did cast the majority of Scare Glow’s body in the same translucent plastic as his hands. 


“I have come here to sup on your fear & stan God-Lyn, & God-Lyn hasn’t arrived yet!”

I snipped out that vestigial triangle betwixt his cloak & clasp cord. I had to fold up the rim of the cape before placing the collar down otherwise this work would’ve been for naught. Maybe I’ll trim the fabric down later so he’s not wearing a turtleneck, although it doesn’t really bother me. The dark wash I added unfortunately makes them look even less matched than before. The SDCC one had a fantastic wired cape, but I don’t miss it that much. (Mattel made the version with the most play value the one buyers are least likely to ever remove form its nifty collector packaging.) This staticy one works well enough for me.


“I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

Masterverse still labeling Scare Glow as “Evil Ghost Of Skeletor!” makes no sense since they didn’t even interact in MOTUR. Despite some comics appearances & MOTUC giving him a different identity, there was still some confusion as to whether this meant Skeletor died & came back as a spooky ghost. The cartoon made it clear that his name is a pun on scarecrow. Since it already borrowed from DCAU, The Lord Of Subternia became its Dr. Jonathan Crane. As I don’t have Candyman or Zoom, now I finally have a Tony Todd toy.

The GITD paint worked! It’s just that I suck at photographing GITD stuff. Even after following the tips & using two cameras, I couldn’t produce a worthwhile shot. Even in pitch blackness with no flash, the best I could manage was some green smudges. So just trust me that it looks nice in person.

Breaking news: Blogger under investigation for customized toy fraud as he cannot produce pictures of it happening!

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