Whipping Up Lashina

If you wanted a very verbose blog about customizing Lashina & her use within DC Comics, you’ve come to the right place! If not, just look at the pictures. Either way it gives you more fake nerd cred than reading a Thor 4 trailer reaction. The real nerd cred, however, comes from supporting #renewLegendsOfTomorrow until The CW bends to our will! The bastards just cancelled Legends Of Tomorrow the same day we lost Neal Adams & Batwoman? GRODD DAMN THEM! Now back #saveLegendsOfTomorrow & petition HBO Max to give it a proper wrap-up!


Post-Apocalyptic jump rope has a dress code.

While not a household name, it does feel like Lashina is more famous than she’s given credit for. Multimedia adaptations used to be a major criterion for whether a comic character stopped being obscure. Lashina has had speaking roles in Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Brave & The Bold, the first iteration of DC Superhero Girls, & Young Justice. STAS & BTBATB made Lashina flirty. She had non-speaking roles in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Justice League: Gods & Monsters, & Justice League Action! In addition to being a playable character in LEGO DC Super-Villains, Lashina also appears in DC Universe Online, Injustice: Gods Among Us (mobile version), & Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. Lashina had a cameo on Smallville, which I am told is a show that had a large audience.

The only reason she hasn’t been in a theatrical release yet is because WB cancelled The New Gods movie. It’d be even more random than usual to stick her in the third Suicide Squad movie without prior context. Comics Alliance suggested Alexandra Daddario play her, so that’s the villainess she ought to play on Superman & Lois. (Does The CW even have the budget for Daddario?) Cackling Kate Easton can be her Mad Harriet or Bernadeth.

The other big criterion for not being obscure is having merchandise. (The two tend to feed into each other.) Lashina was available in a Target exclusive JLU set. While she was a recurring character, it still strikes me as odd that LEGO made a DCSHG mini-fig set. She’s also had a few HeroClix. So as long as it’s something I don’t collect, she’s not doing too badly for merch. For such a comparatively niche character, it’s surprising her goods weren’t relegated to online or specialty shops. Lashina seems like the simplest Female Fury to produce, so it boggles my mind that this low hanging fruit was left on the tree. I figured Mattel would just make a new head for its generic DCSH body at some point & paint her costume on like the JLU version it did make.

If she had bat ears on her face-cage, McFarlane Toys would’ve already made a toy of her. Lashina would’ve sold better than The Drowned! She doesn’t use firearms as her signature weapon, so they wouldn’t even need to worry about DC’s current gun ban on merchandise. (Weirdly this doesn’t apply to Mego Deathstroke?) Todd would still rather make as many gun-toting guys as possible & equip them with blades. He expanded upon his sexist character selection stance to be even weirder. Aside from joking that kids that are given female action figures become serial killers, (Is that my supervillain origin story?), he makes a straw man argument that he can’t sell an assortment of four female figures when most fans weren’t asking for that. They just want a wider range women produced, although an all women wave would help to balance the sausage fest. He does mention online exclusives could be a means of producing women & civilians, yet seems to have no interest in exploiting this avenue. Even if they do objectively sell worse than men, has he considered producing fewer units of new superheroines & supervillainesses rather than none whatsoever?


“Come at me, sis!”

Mattel made its DCSH line slightly larger so they wouldn’t scale perfectly with Marvel Legends. Now McFarlane made DC Multiverse even bigger so it won’t blend with either. DC Collectibles were somewhere between the extremes depending on the series. So customizing a Lashina that’d fit with multiple DC lines wasn’t much of an option.

I spent too long pondering the perfect base figure before realizing it was Shriek. I mean the C-list Spider-Man foe seen in Venom: Let There Be Carnage not the A-list Batman Beyond baddie. (Next to green, Spidey has a lot of black & white baddies: Venom, Black Cat, Tombstone, The Spot, Shriek, Mr. Negative, Black Tarrantula, Morbius, Punisher, Clash, Anti-Venom, Panda-Mania. Why’d her box art weirdly color Shriek like Mystque though?) Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends body has pinless joints, & double hinged elbows, & a full array of swappable hands. Shriek is even cast in black so I don’t need to worry much about paint rub. Her physique has a respectable amount of muscle tone without going overboard like when I ended up making Polaris a creatine queen. The ribbon equivalent of Crossfit battling ropes paid off. Her gams are especially chiselled. Her maniacal Mark Bagley grin is also has the right personality that’d make a head swap unnecessary.


“Do you even lift, sis?”

The first step was yanking off Shriek’s hair. (Where was this glorious raven mane when I was making Elektra?) Then I sliced off the rectangular peg beneath it on her scalp as well as her earrings & belt. The bracelet just slid off. I had to build up her skull a bit. Without the wig, there wasn’t anything to disguise she’s a bit bobble-headed.

Lashina’s unique face buttress hasn’t always been drawn consistently. Is it just straps over her black hair? Or is there a black helmet beneath the straps with an exit for her ponytail? Are her face bindings buckled together or do they overlap? Are there reinforcing plates down the center of her face or do her straps just wrap around with harsh angles? I do know that it’s a whip-dispenser.

I thought I had plenty of supplies to craft her face wraps until it came time to glue them on. I ended up using three different media. One is increasingly rare Historex tape, but I didn’t have enough left for the whole head. The thinner straps are made from clear rubber bands from Star Wars Black Series packaging. As soon as I started recycling these for customs, Hasbro ceased using them. Finally there’s plastic ribbons from New Zealand’s Wel-Pac lo mein noodles. Those are becoming rarer to find at the supermarket too.

When making a face from scratch, you can adjust the proportions to accommodate multiple bands of the same width. That didn’t work as well when applied to the reality of a pre-existing head. I originally planned to do the easy thing by just wrapping them all the way around, but the lengths of material I had to work with necessitated I use extra effort. Snipping & gluing all the strips into position was a pain. At least it looks less like bulky bandages this way. It’s undoubtedly asymmetrical, but I tried to get the positions right as best I could. Once I applied the first coat of black, I wondered if I would’ve avoided much agita by using The Batman’s balaclava-wearing Catwoman instead. The central clasps are cardboard.


If she removes her orthopedic face brace prematurely, all her features will fall off!

Is Lashina the Fourth World equivalent of a Latina? They do rhyme. Regardless, I made her face ruddier than  than my usual pale customs. Since Apokolips is festooned with firepits without OSHA compliant guardrails, I figured it’d make what little skin she has exposed tanned. It’s like the opposite climate as Gotham City. Her favorite cosmetic is Covergirl’s Lash Blast mascara. In addition to piercing periwinkle eyes, she’s kitted out with Kuvira eyebrows. She’d kill you with them if she could.

My expanding collection of hairpieces didn’t include any that could be easily modified into a pontytail. I considered making one from my kitty’s shed season fur. Then I found some spare resin horse model parts. You don’t know how delighted I am that Lashina’s ponytail is a pony’s tail. I decided the other black portions of her noggin would be a skullcap bound to her face rather than her hair.


“T & A” stands for “torture & abuse” on Apokolips.

Fourth World characters are often depicted as wearing smooth outfits with  with linear patterns to suggest their advanced technology. I preferred to give Lashina more dimensionality than just painting on her clothes. Her circular armor changes too. They’re often solid disks that made it look like she stole Valkyrie’s bra. Animation favors hollow rings. (Is Platinum in Justice League: Gods & Monsters the first time the nipples on a Bruce Timm design made it to the finished animation?) It was difficult finding bits that resembled either. Even when I did come across something that could work, there was only one available. Eventually I found a whole sprue of unused airplane wheels. These combine the best of both designs since these disks still have holes in the center. Now they look more like whip spools. They needed to be drilled out somewhat to cup around her breasts.


“No one cared who I was until I put on the full-body chastity belt.”

Her back & stomach discs are tires with the backs sanded down. I raised her back disc higher than usual to make adding the folded noodle straps to her body easier. The mid-torso joint frustratingly gnawed at the tops of the straps whenever I attended to those on the other side. Moving the diaphragm joint knocks the straps out of continuous alignment too.

The number of bands on her limbs keeps changing. I took inspiration mostly from her streamlined DCAU design because it’s most consistent, so I didn’t bother with any leg fastenings. I also avoided making her belt. It was a great relief not to have to glue these optional straps.

Lashina’s lashes are industrial grade rubber bands used to bind asparagus. These flexible weapons look non-threatening if you don’t know they’re supposed to have razor edges. They should clack like metal tape dispensers. To be less monochrome, she got plenty of metallic blue highlights.


Where there’s a whip, there’s a way!

This custom took much longer than expected. It was a confluence of my perfection & my inability to make anything symmetrical. Then after I finally decided to spray it with glaze, the neck hinge cracked. So that had to be repaired.


When a problem comes along, you must whip! Whip it good!


You ever think about how Jack Kirby straight up put a dominatrix in the Female Furies? It may not have been the horniest thing in a Comics Code Authority approved title, but it’s still weird that nobody talks about how horny it is given the lack of Lashina’s subtext. All of the Female Furies are fetish fodder doms (Stompa looks like a butch biker for the “Step on me!” crowd. Her Marvel equivalent is Poundcakes.), but Lashina is the one that’s most overtly BDSM. She’s Catwoman minus the penchant for felines & larceny. (To get the cats back in the mix, try Granny Goodmeow’s Female Furries!) Of course once you point out that something is sexualized it becomes less sexy, so now we can focus on Lashina as a brutal warrior.


“Some people on your planet pay to be whipped? Doesn’t that take the fun out of it?”

With Mr. Miracle representing escape & joy, Lashina looks like she represents bondage & torture. So it seems like she should be a bigger deal in juxtaposition to him. You could make the argument that he ought to have seduced her away from Apokolips to form the ultimate S&M power couple instead of Big Barda. Scott Free & Barda are such a stellar romance that I wouldn’t want to break them up though. (Glares angrily at New 52’s Earth-2.) Lashina could still be positioned as his archenemy though. Her disciplinarian streak primes her to be Granny Goodness’s successor. Despite becoming her squad’s de facto leader upon Barda’s defection, she’s mostly lumped together with the rest of the Furies without much characterization. Leave some limelight for the next generation, Darkseid & Granny Goodness! (Darkseid really isn’t that scary. It’s just that New Genesis sucks so hard.)


Is Apokolips the planet of the edgelords?

She got the most development when she went undercover as Duchess on the Suicide Squad. Without her iconic gear, Lashina resembles Vasquez from Aliens. Weirdly she lacked telltale tan lines. After avenging her betrayal by Bernadeth only to betrayed by Darkseid despite being the model outcome of his orphanage system. You’d think she’d develop more autonomy since. Instead she tragically reverted back to one-note henchwoman.


“The beatings will continue until my morale improves!”

While each of the Female Furies have their own specialty, they could probably be condensed into one Fury with the best of all their features. (Ditto the assorted Apokolips dudes that don’t have a team name. Kanto is a fan of German philosophy whereas DeSaad prefers French.) They looks like a larger threat when separated but their characterization stays limited to their defining attribute. (Corporate needs you to find the difference between The Creeper & Mad Harriet.) While supervillains keep getting revamped to be darker, Lashina is already scary enough as she is. She’s a zealot who flagellates her victims to death with giant metal ribbons! DC just needs to remember to do something with her. Give her teammates their own arcs too!


New OTP just dropped. Lashina’s love language is non-consensual sadism!

Her whips are weaponized versions of the metallic straps that bind her. Her Superman/Batman redesign that replaces them with a spiked bullwhip while losing her black top to make her conventionally sexier misses the point. Is she always ornery because her Boart-bikini cuts off her erogenous zones? DC had a policy against masturbation, so perhaps she’s jealous the traitorous Barda gets her rocks off with Scott Free. (See also Adam Strange’s monomania with finding Zeta Beams back to Rann to be with Alanna.) Lashina should be proud of her promotion yet also gnawed at by the possibility that Barda got something even better she’ll never grasp.


“I’m just not looking for a new archnemesis right now.”

She’s no Wonder Woman, though you’d think the two would be archnemeses. Electro-Lash vs. Lasso Of Truth doesn’t even get much focus in the increasingly frequent times Apokolips attacks Amazons. Exploring loving submission vs. hateful domination would add nuance to both.


Big Barda & Lashina were best of swole sisters until a shrimpy boy tore them apart.

Big Barda & Mr. Miracle are couples goals. Barda is literally his wheyfu. I didn’t buy the DC Super Heroes one (or her beau) because Mattel made her ironically tiny. Then I didn’t buy the DC Icons Mr. Miracle because I wanted to wait until DC Collectibles made his wife. They didn’t! With less spikes & more scale mail, Todd’s Wonder Woman could’ve been Big Barda. For the purposes of this blog, the role of Big Barda shall be played by Chyna.

Lashina vs. BigBarda

Is this a wrestling maneuver?


Matt The Catania turned into a hardcore perversion blog so gradually I didn’t even notice. Was this too DC for you? Don’t worry, there’s a Marvelous fortnight on the horizon! My Moon Knight review dawns next week followed by one for Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse Boogaloo!


“You’ll crack just like the rest!”

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