Save Legends Of Tomorrow, Save The Timeline!

I’m gutted that we lost Neal Adams, Batwoman, & Legends Of Tomorrow all on the same day. George Perez followed not long after. Grodd damn it, Barry! I knew the end of the Arrowverse loomed, but I’d expected at least one final fourway crossover next season. The CW chose to be on the wrong side of history for unceremoniously cancelling Legends Of Tomorrow. As a longtime fan who didn’t hate the first season, I feel personally betrayed by the network I so often championed. Now how will we get an episode starring Swoler Sara?

Season seven may be LOT’s strongest season. It also had its most intriguing cliffhanger. This is why we can’t just shrug off this cancellation. Viewers were on a roller coaster that abruptly stopped just as it was about to crest its biggest loop. We’re too high up & far from the exit to safely leave the ride now.

The Flash just had a funeral for a longstanding teammate, but I was crying because it reminded me that The CW dared to defy decency by killing the Arrowverse’s Beeboverse’s best series. I come not to bury Legends Of Tomorrow but to revive it! I’m not going to let my complete lack of influence deter me. Here’s a website filled handy resources to get involved in this Sisyphean mission. Let’s screw things up for the better!


“We tried to be Preventers, but I guess we gotta be Avengers now.”

WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? This has no pardon! There’s been conflicting testimony as to which entity is most guilty of this injustice. It may be more apt to say Discovery dicked them over to concentrate on The Batman spinoffs. Another reports says WB TV didn’t want to renew the leases on their soundstages. Why not find more affordable soundstages or trim the episode orders to offset the expense? It doesn’t add up to cancel it on terms of profitability when LOT’s ratings were up last season. It’s suspicious that only the two heterosexual Beeboverse series were renewed. “It was just business” is no excuse. Regardless of blame, LOT at least deserves a wrap-up mini-series/movie like Farscape. Come on, Netflix or HBO Max!

HBO Max seems like it’d be the ideal home for a LOT continuation since it’s positioning itself as the home of streaming DC content. It not having the streaming rights to the original series, unlike Batwoman, means it’d be a bigger hassle for it. I wouldn’t object to HBO Max saving both series, but Batwoman left its characters in a much better place. It would be more sensible for The Legends to time travel to Gotham City once freed than for the Batwoman team to rescue them from time prison, especially since her crew has never interacted with them before. (I hate that Ryan Wilder hasn’t met any superheroes outside her city yet since that alternate future got erased.) HBO Max deactivating the Wonder Twins movie I would’ve watched, however, means that it should have extra funds to negotiate a proper LOT conclusion.

If Netflix wants subscriptions to stop cratering, it’d fund a conclusion to complete its streaming rights. Since Netflix can’t be bothering finishing the shows it does own outright like GLOW, I doubt it cares enough. It’s another issue of too many corporation not wanting to share. When will they learn the benefits of cooperation? Making less profit because you have to split it is better than making no profit at all.

I just sent a three page email to HBO Max, Netflix, & Warner Bros. TV in an effort to resurrect the series. (Ideally, I would’ve sent this email to The CW ahead of time, but I didn’t expect it would come to this.) I requested LOT season eight directly via Netflix’s contact page too. I even had a very one-side chat with customer rep Wendel S.

If there’s an issue with different entities having  partial rights to the series, could they circumvent this by renaming the continuation something like Sara Lance & The Legends or The Merry Misadventures Of The Waverider Weirdos? What about keeping the same SEO by punctuating it as Leg-Ends Of Tom Or Row: Feet Of The Future! I’d also accept a title that is Zari-centric.

Or The Flash & Superman & Lois need to do a crossover where they help bust The Legends out of time-jail. LOT is important enough to derail both both shows! (Tyler Hoechlin considers his series separate from the Beeboverse until he’s told otherwise.) Although I’d much rather watch a final season, I prefer this to all those lovely characters being trapped in cliffhanger limbo forever. The downside is that such a crossover probably wouldn’t be written by the LOT writers.

I hate how none of The Legends’ allies know they’re in this predicament, making a crossover rescue more unlikely. Their imprisonment can’t easily be explained away on those sibling series. We need to see how they escape form the mysterious new villains, whom I presume are Linear Men. It wouldn’t fit the show’s lighthearted tone for the team to end up jailed forever without even their allies realizing it. Abruptly ending on a dour note even diminishes the two remaining series by extension. A surprise guest star has been teased for The Flash’s season finale, so it could be a Legend paradoxically asking for Barry’s aid. Maybe Brainiac 5 & Dreamer volunteer their timeship whilst the Waverider is impounded?

Every season of LOT ends with some sort of tag for the following one, so I don’t think it was irresponsible for co-showrunner Keto Shimizu to end on its most thrilling cliffhanger. DC finally let them use Booster Gold as a means to reinvigorate the series. The network even gave it an animated Christmas special! The CW had a policy of letting just about every series that didn’t star Lucy Hale have a conclusion. News that The CW was being sold didn’t break until it was airing its homestretch.

Arrow, Black Lightning, & Supergirl all had official season finales. Since it’s already renewed, I presume The Flash will have one. As the second oldest Beeboverse series, it deserves one. LOT has earned a real finale too. If I had to choose between the two series based on current quality, I would’ve rather The F-Lash been pruned. While the stars of the solo series have complained about being run ragged at various times, I’ve heard nothing but positives about filming LOT from its ensemble cast.

At least the writers warned fans we needed to make it known on social media why we love the series. We made #renewLegendsOfTomorrow trend for a fortnight. Even after all that positive feedback from a diverse spectrum of viewers, this beloved comfort show still got killed. Now they have to renegotiate everyone’s contracts for a revival.

The Batwoman & LOT cancellation announcements came mere hours after I’d published the custom Lashina blog I’d been laboring over. That was the day after National Superhero Day & within Lesbian Visibility Week. That is some insulting timing! This news upset me so much it threatened to derail my reviews of Moon Knight & Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. At least we got a head start on trying to play an UNO reverse card.

Then The CW’s Red Wedding further exacerbated the unemployment crisis in Vancouver. The Vampire Diaries franchise has been on the network since before the Beeboverse, so Legacies viewers must be extra vexed at not being afforded a final season. Is it worse that Naomi was cancelled mere days after its first season finale or that In The Dark & Roswell, New Mexico got cancelled before their latest seasons even premiered? This CW cancellation fest makes me glad Gotham got a final season even though it was truncated.

LOT had one of the most inclusive casts on network television. The writers & actors made these characters feel fully rounded rather than diversity checklists. The optics of cancelling it, Batwoman, & now Naomi while The Flash & S&L were renewed is tinged with homophobia, racism, & sexism. It’s infuriating that bigots are already using this proof of “get woke, go broke.” One of the finale’s developments was that Sara Lance, the show’s ostensible lead, was pregnant with her wife’s child. (Caity Lotz improvised Sara kissing Ava while actually driving a car.) Viewers are highly invested in seeing Avalance get a happy ending. Positive representation matters.

Fans were excited to see a new DC Comics character added to the show. Since he was arrested, viewers will not be able to see how Booster Gold’s story unfolds in the two remaining series either. He doesn’t even have a supersuit yet. Zack Braff agrees with everyone that he should be on LOT as Ted “Blue Beetle” Kord. He could at least voice Skeets.

Viewers had brainstormed the returns of assorted characters from throughout the show’s past like Nyssa al Ghul & Mr. Parker for a final victory lap. How much of them can be squeezed in depends upon how long a revival is granted. The first season also foreshadowed a Thanagaran invasion that has yet to pay off or directly retcon away. So there’s plenty of story left to cover.

Instantly slapping “& final season” on the forthcoming LOT & Batwoman home releases feels crummy. Is that meant to boost sales? LOT’s set doesn’t even include Beebo Saves Christmas!

Having already been canceled once, it’d be responsible for LOT’s writers to tie up all the danglers should it get a second chance. Season seven felt like it was setting everything up for a final season. To people outside the TV industry, bankrolling a series conclusion sounds like a more reasonable expense than funding a brand new program. It seems like there’s a bulk discount per episode if you order lots of them even if the overall cost is greater. That’s the explanation I was given why HBO Max can’t just fund the final three episodes of Swamp Thing’s first season. To which I suggest, they should then greenlight many more Swamp Thing seasons!

The economics of TV are confusing. If LOT’s ratings outperformed some shows that were renewed, shouldn’t that success be rewarded? How was it not giving the network enough bang for its buck when it was creatively efficient at stretching its budget? Even with a wholesale deal on season orders, I still don’t get why not just make the TV movie that still costs less. If they make an event of it, I don’t see why they couldn’t sell ad time. (I’d ideally grant each cancelled series a two-episode wrap-up & air them across next summer.) Since it’s not packaged with season seven, couldn’t it also be sold separately to fans? Streaming has definitely made physical media less lucrative, but at least I can buy home releases of DC TV unlike Lodge 49.

Whichever entity shells out for more LOT, however, would probably want to milk its new investment for years. Some eager fans have pointed out that the concept lends itself to being continually refreshed, although I don’t want to be greedy. I would like as much LOT as possible at a high quality level, but at this point I just need assurances that the series would be completed. It seems like Avalance retiring to raise their baby after escaping & leaving the timeline in their crew’s hands would be a natural endpoint as the Beeboverse winds down. Bringing it back & periodically having to deal with the anxiety of it possibly being taken away again would be too agonizing. (See Greg Weisman begging fans to watch Young Justice on a loop so it doesn’t get axed again as it inches toward its climax.)

LOT fans rented a billboard in NYC. It was on brand. It even made the front page of The Clown News! All the moose news you can use!

Donating money to a charity would be much more useful than renting a billboard, which is unfortunately the point. We’re told to vote with our wallets, yet fans have to advertise a show that’s no longer in production that they don’t own rather than giving money directly to the studios for more episodes? How did capitalism make it to this late stage? Although there’s no guaranteed immediate reward for donating, it’s meant to demonstrate the series is more profitable than beancounters gave it credit for.

It’s frustrating that this is necessary in the first place since the series was never properly merchandized to begin with. Fans have been demanding Beebo merchandise since it appeared it season three. They left a whole revenue stream on the table! Sales of Beebo products alone could’ve underwritten the show.

If it was axed because The CW could no longer afford any scripted series whatsoever, losing LOT would be a tragic bummer yet not insulting. What makes it a slap in the face is that they have money to pay for three new series: Gotham Knights, Walker: Independence, & The Winchesters. 2/3 overestimates viewer interest in Jared Padalecki spinoffs that don’t star him. Television keeps gambling that people will like new shows more, but why not finish off three series that viewers have become attached to in this instance? How does having so many incomplete series benefit the network? Nobody wants to a buy deluxe “the complete series” Blu-ray sets when the stories are abruptly cut off. Are they really saving that much money not having to pay creatives a bonus for re-upping existing contracts? These three series can’t magically skyrocket the network into the ratings stratosphere. Since The CW is in such dire straits that it’s being sold off, what are the odds these are all one & dones? If a store sold me a stack of books missing their last chapters, I wouldn’t be eager to buy any new books from them. They’re still trying to make Powerpuff too?

I still don’t see the point of making a new Batman Minus Batman show, Gotham Knights, that sounds very similar to Batwoman with Misha Collins as Harvey Dent instead of just casting him as Dent in a fourth season of Batwoman. Funny how the network was able to book an affordable soundstage for this one. Batwoman’s fanbase is very passionate & already feels betrayed their show is being replaced. (I suspected that series was in trouble once I heard its writers were developing this.) Those fans aren’t going to migrate over to another Batman-adjacent show that’s less gay, black, & female. They’re not even bringing back Morgan Kohan as Stephanie Brown.

Since Earth-Prime #3 was written months in advance, this short starring accursed Funko POP!s may be the last new LOT content. Some have suggested doing more of these would be a cost-effective way to tie up loose ends. These Funko’s homogenized mouthless faces with dead fish eyes are just too abhorrent to look at continuously! Bring back the cast in the flesh or at least pony up for some quality animation!

Fans don’t want to have to individually imagine ideal conclusions to LOT’s cliffhanger. We want the shared experience of an imperfect official series finale that exists in reality. As soon as we save Legends Of Tomorrow, the sooner we can get back to focusing on bringing back Lodge 49!


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