CC Returned To SD!

After a two year absence, San Diego Comic Con returned in collective figurative person to San Diego! As a germaphobe on a limited budget, I did not partake of the festivities directly. I enjoyed the virtual panels that I used to be able to stream at home, but they’ve been discontinued. While I couldn’t observe the Gremlins: Secrets Of The Mogwai panel, I’m relived Tze Chun meeting Greta went great. Despite what crazy people on The Twitter insisted, neither Henry Cavill nor Elizabeth Olsen showed up! The amount of Everything Everywhere All At Once cosplay I saw secondhand pleased me.

I was planning on doing one of my non-review blogs after Thor Part IV & Ms. Marvel’s inaugural season, but a heatwave of the non-Mick Rory variety struck. I can work when it’s too hot or too cold. I need a temperature-regulating gimp suit like Scorpius. Then I got hung up obsessing over SDCC tidbits from another timezone. So I realized nobody would bother reading a non-SDCC article from me. I doubt anyone even wants to read an SDCC retrospective from me, but sometimes you have to write a low stakes blog to remind visitors there’ll be better blogs soon. If you share my incredibly narrow interests, this armchair SDCC coverage is the overview for you! It goes action figures, Marvel, & DC. As usual, no actual comic book news will be involved!

Baroness Lashina KGBeast

“Are you here for Dom-Con too?” “No, we’re looking for the American Library Association conference.”

SDCC started Preview Night on a high note: Masterverse God-Lyn finally got unveiled, so all my badgering paid off! Good thing I got that rant out of my system at the start of the year. Although her head is a bit off, I’m impressed with the effort Mattel put into the rest of her. She’s got a suitably ripped new body. Her skirt & starfield cape are wired fabric, plus they got her pauldrons & halo-collar to convincingly hover. God-Lyn better come with The Sword Of Power too! (Mattel gave The Sword to not-buff-enough Savage He-Man even though his whole deal is not having it!) There’s a rumor that she’ll be exclusive to the Hellish Mattel Creations site. GRODD DAMN MONKEY’S PAW! SkeleSorceress Evil-Lyn & Roboto are also confirmed.

Storm Collectibles’ Mortal Kombat III Sheeva looks buffer than she did in game, but I’d rather her be swoler than not. Since McFarlane Toys shows no indication of making more female Kombatants after Kitana, I shudder to think how much this import will cost.

You’d think it’d be a no-brainer, but it’s been oddly hard to get an ideal Bane action figure. I thought I’d settle for McFarlane’s mega-fig, but the MAFEX version looks like a perfect Graham Nolan adaptation even without paint. He’s likely to include both punching & grabbing hands! Medicom isn’t afraid to turn younglings into serial killers by making Poison Ivy either. Quit trying to make me spend more money on weird elbows, Todd! I’m surprised both by McFarlane making a Blue Beetle & Booster Gold set & that neither have clear lenses since even Mattel did that.

The best Grogu animatronic you can theoretically own debuted!

For some reason the Marvel Studios Animation panel happened at the same time as the Marvel Legends panel. The ML reveals were underwhelming, although I dig Razorback (Does this imply he’ll be on She-Hulk’s show?), animated Scorpion, & MCU classic Loki. MCU She-Hulk looks slightly swoler than the trailers, so she completes the wheyfu hat trick. Shuri got snubbed again. She & Queen Ramonda would’ve been much better than a repainted Everett Ross. I was expecting to see comics Titania, Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, Excalibur Phoenix, X-Factor Wolfsbane, MCU Scarlet Scarab, MCU Agatha Harkness, & Pizza Poppa. They might’ve teased a Danny Ketch for HasLab, but why would he need to be crowdfunded? It’ll most likely be Robbie Reyes with the Hellcharger instead.

Hasbro is making a Gelatinous Cube, which is odd since they’ve barely made any D&D figures to put in it. They haven’t even unveiled any for the fun-looking Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie. It supposedly comes with accessories, but they appear to just be flat pieces that leave holes in the Cube if removed.

Owlman from Lord Of Tears is getting a toy? I thought only I’d seen that Scottish indie horror. Its sequel was superior: The Black Gloves is about a love triangle between a traumatized ballerina, her teacher, & her analyst. Plus there’s a owl demon. Sometimes the budgetary restraints undermine it. It’s dedicated to Ken Russell & has similar irrationality. The jarring mix of Scottish, Spanish, & American accents make it feel a bit like a Garth Marenghi. Macarena Gómez of 30 Monedas is delightfully hammy as the ballet instructor.

Infinite Statues & Colletctibles is producing a 12″ Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks.

I somehow avoided talking about NECA’s newest TMNT toys.


I’m ambivalent about X-Men ’97. Although the original series remains my favorite X-Men cartoon, it feels like they could move onto new adaptations since it had a definite series finale. I’d rather see prematurely cancelled series like Legends Of Tomorrow, Lodge 49, Hannibal, Swamp Thing, Spectacular Spider-Man, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Wolverine & The X-Men, The Gifted, Cloak & Dagger, Kim’s Convenience, Galavant, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Dare Me, Rubicon, Hap & Leonard, Happy!, Dark Matter, Angel, Lovecraft Country, Made For Love, Carnivale, The Venture Brothers, Infinity Train, GLOW, Santa Clarita Diet, I Am Not Okay With This, & Teenage Bounty Hunters get revived. It’s putting Magneto in one of his worst costumes.

The Spider-Man: Freshman Year cartoon is supposedly set in the MCU before Civil War, but the art leads me to suspect otherwise. Why can’t they just be upfront about it being an altverse? His villains havean ugly industrial aesthetic. (I’m so glad Mysterio dodged that bullet.) This marks the fourth animated series in a row where Peter Parker is in high school. I’d rather have Spectacular Spider-Man season three.

We’re not even done with 4, & they’re already hyping up Phase 6? The concept of MCU phases has overstayed its welcome. Phase 2 was just about cutting off hands.

Wakanda Forever’s trailer won at not spoiling the whole movie & being emotionally devastating. Since Wakanda is inland, how many nations will Atlantis need to invade to get to it? The new Blade movie is how we get Jubilee in the MCU. Dolly Parton ought to be The Daywalker’s county & western mentor. Captain America: New World Order should’ve been Serpent Society! They owe us that! I am begging Marvel Studios not to name its first MCU X-Men project The Mutants. It’s an even worse title than The New Mutants.

Charlie Cox & Vincent D’Onofrio  are coming back for an eighteen episode Disney+ Daredevil: Born Again. Not only is that thrice as long as the average D+ season, Netflix Daredevil’s third season already adapted this storyline. So are they going to alienate all the rabid Netflix DD fans by repeating the same beats but less hardcore? Or will this subtitle have no direct bearing on the plot? Will it feel more bloated bloated as his prior thirteen episode seasons? Will Stilt-Man finally grace us with his presence?


Jim Lee drew the SDCC 2022 bag art in advance of the announcement that Legends Of Tomorrow, Batwoman, & Naomi were getting cancelled. Discovery didn’t bother giving DC a heads up & it was too late to change it by then. Great synergy! Lee also promised Zack Snyder was done making DC movies. Instead Snyder will guest star as himself in Teen Titans GO!, which is much better.

DC barely showed off anything, so I guess they’re holding Batgirl, Aquaman 2, The Flash, & Blue Beetle stuff back for another FanDome. Or if there isn’t one in 2022, then WB Discovery just really sucks at marketing. It wasn’t even promoting what shows it hadn’t cancelled, so it’s most likely that.

I’m glad SHAZAM! Fury Of The Gods didn’t spoil the reveal of Rachel Zegler as Tawky Tawny in the trailer. She learned to be bioluminescent from Swedish Sandberg himself! Starro is in it too!

RIP Alan Grant, who died during SDCC but not at it. This prolific author is not to be confused with the Jurassic Park character. We likewise mourn the passing of David Warner.


Its final SDCC panel may’ve been cancelled, but come back next week for my epic Rivervale Riverdale season six review! Mark your calendars! It’ll be cuckoo bananas!

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