Merry Almost-versary Number?

October the Disrober is over. Now commences November the Ember. (The month is halfway over already, but this rhymes better.)

I’ve been remiss in posting new content this month. (I’ve since revised my posting schedule form weekly to semi-weekly in “About” to cover myself.) One of several unconvincing excuses is that according to WordPress, I was at 299 blog posts. One of those was just me reblogging Cain S. Latrani’s review of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, so I don’t count that as one I’d written. (Cain has new novels & merchandise available! Go patronize him with your funds!) As far as I’m concerned, this is my real 299th blog. I became paralyzed trying to think of worthy content not only for post #300 but also sufficient for its immediate predecessor! Curse my modicum of integrity!

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Fiction & Felines!

Last week, I wrote that I may be showing off another custom. The latest one turns out to be taking a little longer than expected. I thought about rushing to get it done in time before realizing San Diego Comic Con coverage starts this week. Rather than letting all my hard work get lost amidst the noise of coverage, I’m postponing that post. That way when I do upload it after my armchair SDCC coverage, it’ll be ignored for the right reasons.

So this week is a follow up to one of my least read posts of this year. It’s an evergreen article on books & cats, this time with a superior title. I say evergreen because it will perpetually be non-current. Spoilers for decades-old books away!

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My Cat Is A Dragon

We’ve tempurrarily temporarily run out of current TV & movies to draw in readers. In the meantime, we’re switching back to the old standbys of cats & books! Then we’re going off topic again! This one’s pretty short!

My cat caught her sixteenth mouse! She also has a vintage Kool penguin ash tray full of catnip she refuses to smoke.


Every moment you spend looking at cats online is a moment you could’ve been looking at your own cats.

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Book Trailers Are Dumb. So I Made Two!

I don’t get book trailers. Movie trailers make sense because they’re already an audiovisual medium whereas books aren’t. If one’s work were to be slavishly adapted into a movie or TV show with Dyna-mation monsters (HINT HINT), then its trailer could also serve as a book trailer but that’s not helpful for pre-publishing marketing. You could film selected pages in a book, but I don’t know if that’s engaging. Why do you never need a book trailer when blurbs & excerpts already serve that function without tackily crossing media? So I think book trailers are dumb, which is why I made two of them.

I must thank Sir Andrew of Birchenough for doing the voice over and Jack “The Gat” Gattanella for editing the sound afore they recorded their latest installment of The Wages of Cinema. (“One’s a knight. The other’s a mobster. Hijinks ensue!”)They also found a hilarious typo in the script. The image editing was all my fault.

“You said you made two trailers, so where’s the other one?” Curse your comprehension of basic mathematics! Yes, I have another trailer ready but I’m saving that so I have something to talk about in the future. The next trailer for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is even better (especially if you didn’t care for this one), so keep your eyes & ears peeled for it. So why didn’t I lead with the better trailer then? Because SHOWMANSHIP!

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