Bombogenesis Brings Back The Beeboverse!

With the weather even colder this week, DC TV warms us up! Below are recaps of Superman & Lois second season premiere as well as the mid-season returns of Legends Of Tomorrow & Batwoman. Naomi also premiered on The CW, but it is set in a different universe ala Stargirl. Lots of assorted SPOILERS are below. Who know how many of these Beeboverse reviews are on the horizon with The CW being put up for sale? Peacemaker also began on HBO Max, but I won’t review it until it wraps. How spot on is my custom of his squadmate?



Don’t ask him to pick one up for you too. He’ll still get you a sandwich, but it’ll be late.

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Dot’s All For The Suicide Squad’s Polka-Dot Man

McFarlane Toy’s DC Multiverse Polka-Dot Man was molded in ecru despite his suit in The Suicide Squad clearly being white. The toy also comes with a card pointing out they didn’t paint the dots right. (In ye olden days, Todd would’ve given it immaculate paint at the expense of useful articulation.) So I did the only sane thing & repainted it. See if you can spot all the differences.


“Taste the rainbow … OF DEATH!”

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The Flash Brings Armageddon To Rivervale!

I finally got my obligatory annual cat post out of the way. (Now they tell me the cat blogging tips?) That oughta keep the Meow Mafia off my lap for a little while. Now here’s SPOILERS for how the last four installments of “The Flash: Armageddon” & “Rivervale” transpired plus a bit of bonus Beebo & ZEP!

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The Official Cat Post Of 2021

I finally got around to publishing my annual cat post! As usual, it contains anecdotes about my kitty & assorted cat links with minimal narrative cohesion. Many of the links I’d collected over the year turned out to be from retricted or deleted accounts the day before just to make this more challenging. I even found new things to say about Cats. So bully for you if that’s what you’ve been waiting for from my blog! If not, come back soon for the forthcoming The Flash Armageddon, Rivervale, Spider-Man: No Way Home, & Hawkeye reviews torrent! Maybe I’ll enjoy some of them more than Batwoman’s third season?

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Will Batwoman Season Three Overcome Its Legacy?

Batwoman aired its third mid-season finale last week. I could’ve gotten it up sooner, but I had to contend with reviewing Masters Of The Universe Revelation Part 2, cooking for Thanksgiving, & getting a Covid booster. (I’m thankful for vaccines this year! They’re free, which is the best healthcare value for your money possible. Get vaxxed already!) Rather than saving these thoughts for a season finale overview, it became apparent that it’d be absurdly long like my Supergirl season six recap. So this is either a bit late or a lot early if you’re a binge watcher.

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She-Hulk Teases Armageddon For The Flash & Rivervale!

The Flash & Riverdale have returned for five part crossover events as the prologues to the rest of their seasons resuming in March! Which will be least comprehensible this season? Meanwhile Disney+ just teased a bunch of Marvel series by making the trailers unavailable to viewers until they signed up for the service. (“You have to pay to see our commercials!” is next level advertising evil.)  Despite making an effort to promptly review Supergirl’s final season & Doom Patrol season three, all people wanted to read about this weekend (by a gargantuan margin) was my year-old She-Hulk blog. So I’ll over analyze thirty seconds of footage seen for hers & Ms. Marvel’s forthcoming series. This is another instance of me having to use almost all my tags in a single blog! There’s also going to abundant SPOILERS!

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Doom Patrol Season 3 Is On A Roll!

Doom Patrol has returned for a third season to finally wrap up its cliffhanger second season! Thanks to temporary HBO Max access, I can review this one punctually! “Possibilites Patrol” would’ve been the second season finale had the production not shut down last year. It appropriately sets up tantalizing cliffhangers of its own. Those are elaborated upon in “Vacay Patrol,” which was intended to be the third season premiere but became its second episode. Riley Shanahan and Matthew Zuk are finally in opening credits! Let’s roll out the SPOILERS!

Monsieur Mallah was sapiosexual before it was trendy.

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Supergirl’s Supersized Season Six Swansong!

As even Eternals may end, so now must The Maid Of Might. This review of Supergirl’s sixth season is even longer than my usual. Much like Riverdale season five, Supergirl took an extended hiatus. I didn’t know there would be a mid-season break, so my reviews of those first few episodes wouldn’t have been ready in a timely fashion. Once the show returned, various other newsworthy stuff was happening. So I just decided to hold onto all my episodic thoughts until the series finale. This’ll be a good companion if you’re binging it on Netflix. Stargirl just won’t be the same without its partner in the DC blondes in blue block. Without further prologue, here’s SPOILERS for Supergirl’s swansong!


This is from last season, but I didn’t want her to miss out on the running joke. (Collect them all!)

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Is Stargirl’s Summer School A Sophomore Slump?

Now that’s been exiled from DC Universe HBO Max to The CW, how’s Stargirl holding up? Is it a sophomore slump or does it pass with Paintball’s flying colors? Swing down for stars, sticks, shade, shivs, & SPOILERS!


This would work better if Artemis was dressed like her mom instead of her dad.

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Legends Of Starro The Halloween Conqueror of Tomorrow!

This blog has EVERYTHING: outsider pumpkin art, attempted horror film viewing, supernatural sleuths, Halloween hot takes, & Legends Of TomorrowStarro-pumpkin

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