Where Is Your Masterverse God-Lyn Now?

Deluxe Masterverse Masters Of The Universe Revelation God-Lyn finally exists! She arrived the first week of April, which was ahead of Mattel Creations’ estimated June release. I’m no longer waiting for God-Lyn! It takes about a year to produce an action figure, so it’s possible my blog influenced Mattel to produce her. It’s equally possible Mattel ignored all my online entreaties since it planned to make this anyway. I don’t regret preemptively ranting since it lead to a positive outcome for once. It’s It’s my blog, so I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt: I’m responsible this! Crank the Bear McCreary because it’s customized photo time!

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The Mandalorian & Yodaling Season 3 Is Homeward Bound

I successfully binged the first season of Fakes instead of Andor’s premiere! (It has TWO unreliable narrators! Sally is THE MOST theater kid.) Everybody insists I should’ve watched Andor (despite me being lukewarm on Rogue One) because it’s the best Star Wars ever. I didn’t, however, want to diminish my enjoyment of The Mandalorian in comparison. The Book Of Boba Fett turned into The Mandalorian season 2.5, but here’s SPOILERS for season 3. Come for me questioning the worldbuilding of a galaxy far away; stay for me eventually hyping up Ewoks!

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Riverdale Returns For The Last Time

Much like The Flash, Riverdale is back for one final season! Is it still in the new age of wonderment? When last we visited, the townies were transposed back to 1955 after Cheryl Blossom used the Phoenix Force against a misaligned comet. That’s in the trailers, so the end of season six shouldn’t be a surprise. Worry about SPOILERS for new stuff in the season seven premiere, “Don’t Worry Darling,” below. Verily I have become All Context Riverdale, the antithesis of no context riverdale. (This sums up the two kinds of Twitter checkmarks. @CherylBombshell never followed me back like she promised.)

As opposed to my other CW reviews & SHAZAM: Fury Of The Gods, this is another non-DC property for 2023. It’s easy to get confused sometimes though. Wonder Twins movie powers activate! Nevermind! That KJ Apa vehicled got swiftly Zaslaved. Gotham with Riverdale dialogue doesn’t have any Babs & Tabs with Choni talk? Camila Mendes in a top hat is a pair of fishnets away from being Zatanna, especially the DC Super Hero Girls iteration. I’ll dip into The Flash again afterwards anyway.

The trailer for the final season was released less than a month before the premiere. They actually released a bunch of intriguing stills for the first several episodes, particularly of Choni. Why can’t The CW’s superhero shows do likewise?


Ms. Madelaine Petsch’s perfectly madcap dialogue delivery will be missed.

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I Dub Thee Sir Scarecrow, Knight Of Arkham!

BOO! I took an extra week off after watching Willow (Anecdotal evidence suggests it is popular in France.), but I’m back with a glorified repaint. This custom turned out much differently that I’d originally planned.


“Time for annual laundry day!”

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Legends Of Batwoman

Thanks to a three week hiatus for the Winter Olympics, Legends Of Tomorrow’s & Batwoman’s season finales didn’t directly abut Peacemaker’s. This is only a relief to me, who was worried about not being able to produce & promote both blogs back to back. (I still didn’t match this zenith of journalism on the best televisual reboot of a Clooney & Kidman film.) On the other paw, thanks for ruining the momentum, Olympics! SPOILERS abound below, which should not be a Shocker if you’re familiar with this blog.


If you meet Beebo on the road, kill him?

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Na Na Na Na Na … The Batman!

This January was even worse for me than usual, what with everything breaking behind the scenes. I’m glad to have survived into the latest Year Of The Tiger. I’m going to use my crummy start to the year as my excuse for missing a week after my Baron Zemo custom. I’ll rue this when I look back at 2022’s annual readership! Meanwhile my paranoid paean to God-Lyn suddenly did gangbusters during this break, so perhaps I should publish even less?

So to compensate, I’m dumping out a variety of Batman thoughts I’d been stockpiling. It’s a mess, but I streamlined it by saving the movie & cartoon bits for later. Note that these aren’t about The Batman, as I feel I’m the only person not enthused about that movie. (It’s not about the earlier cartoon either.) I don’t even plan on watching it in a cinema. I just really needed to put The Batman in the title out of SEO desperation. Maybe this way people will want to read this ramble in March.

The Batman is not gonna be as brilliant as Dan Pinto’s script from Ingrid Goes West. The Batman makes me miss Gotham. How can I already be nostalgic for something that only ended recently? An HBO Max TV show about the GCPD before the Batman & another about Penguin sound like they’ll be stretching the narrative pretty thin. If only there was some way to combine the two into something meaty…

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How Helmut Zemo Got His Barony Back

I once wrote a listicle of worst dressed movie supervillains that concluded throwing a trenchcoat over a weak design doesn’t help. When Helmut Zemo finally got a costume in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier along with his barony, it was basically a trenchcoat over a weak design. I must be the biggest hypocrite of all since his was the only action figure I purchased out of the first Disney+ Marvel Legends wave. I’m just a sucker for a superb Daniel Brühl likeness.


“If you think I’m pretty,…”

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Dot’s All For The Suicide Squad’s Polka-Dot Man

McFarlane Toy’s DC Multiverse Polka-Dot Man was molded in ecru despite his suit in The Suicide Squad clearly being white. The toy also comes with a card pointing out they didn’t paint the dots right. (In ye olden days, Todd would’ve given it immaculate paint at the expense of useful articulation.) So I did the only sane thing & repainted it. See if you can spot all the differences.


“Taste the rainbow … OF DEATH!”

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Will Batwoman Season Three Overcome Its Legacy?

Batwoman aired its third mid-season finale last week. I could’ve gotten it up sooner, but I had to contend with reviewing Masters Of The Universe Revelation Part 2, cooking for Thanksgiving, & getting a Covid booster. (I’m thankful for vaccines this year! They’re free, which is the best healthcare value for your money possible. Get vaxxed already!) Rather than saving these thoughts for a season finale overview, it became apparent that it’d be absurdly long like my Supergirl season six recap. So this is either a bit late or a lot early if you’re a binge watcher.

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That’s A LOT Of Batwoman!

The best & worst of the Beeboverse, Legends Of Tomorrow & Batwoman, are back together again on Wednesday! We’ve had an even shorter break between seasons than usual with The CW attempting to make up for 2020. The gap betwixt LOT’s season six finale & season seven premiere is only a little over a month! Batwoman was the first Beebooverse show back this year & wrapped up in June though, which is closer to the usual span between seasons. SPOILERS for this mismatched DC duo begin below!



The Beeboverse’s original Black Canary finally wears fishnets. (I drink the tears of Laurel Lance loyalists.)

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