It’s The Finish Line For Flash Season Nine

The Flash wrapped after almost exactly nine years of filming. It was the last geeky show standing since before I began this blog. (I’m not counting the ebbs & flows of Doctor Who.) Having Game Of Thrones, (Green) Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD, The 100, Gotham, & The Flash on together was a wild Renaissance era. Many of the sites I frequented back then have gone belly up or discontinued episode reviews, leaving me to carry on their burden. Did the rest of The Flash’s final run live up to its strong start? SPOILER alert: Of course it didn’t! More specifics for the last six episodes of season nine to follow.

If you’re not caught up on The F-Lash yet, go binge Willow & The Mysterious Benedict Society immediately before Disney+ deletes them tomorrow! (It’s it’s already too late by the time you see this, watch GOTG Vol. 3?) How dare Disney+ copy the HBO Max model of stripping streaming content! Wasn’t prematurely cancelling both bad enough? Doing this during the writers’ strike to avoid paying creatives residuals sure makes them look villainous. Ditching Willow right before Pride Month is terrible optics when it stars Tanthamore, Disney’s first canon lesbian princess couple. Ditto brainsweeping The Mysterious Benedict Society during Mental Health Awareness Month when everyone is coded neurodivergent. This feels like everything earmarked to be abruptly erased is being punished for Disney losing the Indian Premiere League cricket streaming license. It’s like there’s no one at the wheel.


“Don’t panic! I’m not the guy from the movie!”

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Red Death Speeds Toward Superman & Lois Season 3 & Willow!

It’s my eighth blogiversary! Let’s roll out the celebratory SPOILERS for the third season premiere of Superman & Lois! Will season three confirm or deny the existence of Beebo in its universe? (I’m glad we reside in the universe where Everything Everywhere All At Once swept the Oscars!) If that doesn’t have enough snark for you, I’m supplementing it with The Flash. You thought I was going to say Gotham Knights!

Instead I’m going to be furious that Disney+ cancelled Willow! When #stopWillow trended, people didn’t mean the show! Now we’ll never get 1/12 scale action figures for it! The crummy fake nostalgia 1/18 ReAction figures are a cruel mockery of a series that deserved better than to be axed by bean counters that didn’t give it a chance to grow its audience. Must we wait another thirty-four years for the story to be resolved? #SellWillowToNetflixSoTheyCanAlsoNotGiveItTimeToBuildViewershipBeforeCancellingItOnAnEvenBiggerCliffhanger is apparently longer than allowed for a hashtag. As if WB TV didn’t give me enough to be mad about. “Look at all these series we’ve axed in honor of International Women’s Day!”


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The Flash’s Final Season Begins Its Sprint

The Flash has become the Beeboverse’s longest running program & its last one standing. (Superman & Lois is set on another Earth that doesn’t qualify unless it confirms Beebo exists there as well.) It’ll be ending a year earlier than the first season said Barry would vanish fighting Eobard during Crisis On Infinite Earths, which also happened ahead of schedule. Maybe if The Flash film hadn’t been chronically delayed, WB would’ve insisted on axing the TV show earlier under its misconception that there can only be one? (The first trailer debuts this Sunday, yet I already feel like I’ve seen it?)

The Flash cast will finally be free? This will be the season’s shortest run at only thirteen episodes. It’s the end of an era as the real O’Shaugnessy’s bar has been demolished & WB TV softball teams are going extinct. (Or it’s the end of an error, according to the subset of DC fans that loathe the limitations of network television.) Will you speed-read through this to get to the SPOILERS? Sorry it’s not as exciting as fixating on Power Girl & Lois Lane. Don’t fret; I found a way to make The Flash’s final run all about Legends Of Tomorrow!

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DC Without Batman

This blog is made of DC Comics ramblings that aren’t about Batman. He’s so ubiquitous that it’s harder than it sounds. Much like X-Men when it comes to Marvel, I have an easier time filling up a blog just about the Bat-corner of DC. Although with the amount of Batman content that it churns out, it may be more apt to say there’s a non-Batman corner of DC. So some Batman may have unavoidably seeped in here. This is organized into Superman, Wonder Woman, assorted Justice Leaguers that didn’t merit being separated by tildes, & Watchmen. Most miscellaneous thoughts about the confusing state of DC animation (RIP Kevin Conroy) & movies will also be covered sometime later. Unlike last week’s Christmas special review, this jumble is perfect for reading at any season. Click the contextual links before they get scrubbed & I have to put effort into stealing others’ jokes by recreating them from the ground up.


I found a couple extra Lashina shots to spice up the text.

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Bombogenesis Brings Back The Beeboverse!

With the weather even colder this week, DC TV warms us up! Below are recaps of Superman & Lois second season premiere as well as the mid-season returns of Legends Of Tomorrow & Batwoman. Naomi also premiered on The CW, but it is set in a different universe ala Stargirl. Lots of assorted SPOILERS are below. Who know how many of these Beeboverse reviews are on the horizon with The CW being put up for sale? Peacemaker also began on HBO Max, but I won’t review it until it wraps. How spot on is my custom of his squadmate?



Don’t ask him to pick one up for you too. He’ll still get you a sandwich, but it’ll be late.

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Does Hawkeye Hit Its Target?

I take back what I said about The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: Hawkeye is the Disney+ Marvel show I was least excited for. I plum forgot it was coming out. Aim for Hawkeye SPOILERS below! You should’ve seen Endgame & Black Widow already too! I go on mini-tangents about those. (Spider-Man: No Way Home tangentially references this series & vice versa, but it’s not required viewing first. My favorite scene was when the cast of Inhumans appeared.)


This mug is a hate crime.

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The Flash Brings Armageddon To Rivervale!

I finally got my obligatory annual cat post out of the way. (Now they tell me the cat blogging tips?) That oughta keep the Meow Mafia off my lap for a little while. Now here’s SPOILERS for how the last four installments of “The Flash: Armageddon” & “Rivervale” transpired plus a bit of bonus Beebo & ZEP!

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She-Hulk Teases Armageddon For The Flash & Rivervale!

The Flash & Riverdale have returned for five part crossover events as the prologues to the rest of their seasons resuming in March! Which will be least comprehensible this season? Meanwhile Disney+ just teased a bunch of Marvel series by making the trailers unavailable to viewers until they signed up for the service. (“You have to pay to see our commercials!” is next level advertising evil.)  Despite making an effort to promptly review Supergirl’s final season & Doom Patrol season three, all people wanted to read about this weekend (by a gargantuan margin) was my year-old She-Hulk blog. So I’ll over analyze thirty seconds of footage seen for hers & Ms. Marvel’s forthcoming series. This is another instance of me having to use almost all my tags in a single blog! There’s also going to abundant SPOILERS!

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Black Widow’s Belated Big Screen Bonanza

Bozhe moi! Marvel movies are finally back on the big screen! (Is The New Mutants a joke to you?) In Soviet Russia, The Wages of Cinema collaboreview listens to you! Now that you’ve seen Guardians, we can finally move onto Black Widow. It’s got some Red Sparrow, Hanna, Anna, & Atomic Blonde mixed in too. If Marvel had prioritized getting Natasha a solo flick when interest in her was at its apex, it could’ve beaten all those movies to the punch. There was even supposed to be a Black Widow movie before the MCU! After the podcast is a web of intrigue SPOILERS!

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Getting Up To Speed On The Flash’s Seventh Season

Now that I didn’t review the Snyder cut of Justice League starring Staplewolf by popular demand, we can get up to speed on The Flash! (Since the DuckTales finale was the runner-up, you’d expect me to get to that blog first. It takes longer to write reviews where there are hardly any criticisms. I will definitely get to it when it’s no longer newsworthy!) The tail end of The Flash’s sixth season was off to a solid start at the beginning of its seventh season. (There’s a sentence!) How about the last two episodes to close it out? Well I’ve got some good news & some bad news… Oh, season seven officially starts with episode four. SPOILERS ahoy for its latest three episodes!


Instead of Mirror Master or Mirror Mistress, Eva “not a true Scotswoman” McCulloch opts to dub herself Mirror Monarch just to spite my running gag. Would Reflection Ruler be more precise?

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