The Legion Of Sense8?

After last week’s diversion to felines & fiction (That’s what I should’ve titled it!), we’re back to televisual spoiler reviews for the latest finales of Legion & Sense8! It’s a telepathic two-for-one!

The first season of FX’s Legion was a superhero origin story told in a dazzlingly unconventional way. Everything that was superlative of the first season’s production carries over. It excels because of its excesses! This is the most enthralling show on TV! Give it all the awards! Even when the plot in shifting towards a standard superpowered showdown, it’s supremely surreal.


With great power comes great responsibility to constantly reference “The Horns of Nimon!”

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The Shadow King Cancels TV

So many scripted shows got axed like timber this TV Upfronts season! Pretty soon I’ll have to resume blogging about books! I’m blaming The Shadow King. Why? Because I made a custom action figure of him, & I don’t feel like either is meaty enough for separate blogs.


Turn around, Bright Eyes!

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All The SDCC 2016 News That’s Fit To Print!

San Diego Comic Con 2016 dished out sensory overload before stumbling to a preordained conclusion. True to form, barely any of the news was directly related to comic books. I figured I’d give you hyperlinks to various trailers & add commentary. I got halfway through writing this when I noticed that that’s what all the reputable nerd news sites were doing anyway. And this is why is nigh-impossible to make a living at this anymore. So thank you for coming here to get the news that’s available everywhere. I also threw in some stuff about action figures. I’m posting early this week so it might not be completely irrelevant by the time you see it. Anyway, here’s the giant-sized part the second of my SDCC 2016 armchair coverage!


Exclusive memento mori!

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I’m Out Of Print!

The first edition of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is now officially out of print. (It joins my monograph, Generation Mixtape: A User’s Guide to Online Copyright, in the realm of discontinuance.) Thank you very much to everybody that purchased one. You now own a limited edition collector’s item.

I was told by Booktrope that its titles would be down as of June 1, but the discontinuance for its catalog was a rolling process. My book was gone a little early, with the paperback edition being the last to vanish. I hope nobody was procrastinating until the very last day. If you missed out, there are a few on eBay. I’ve also squirreled away a few copies. (Let me know below if you’d like me to part with them & we’ll work something out.)

Site upgrades are probably not happening soon. I spent a lot of money on ads, & the book wasn’t in print long enough for me to see a return on my investment. I’m also trying to buy out the royalty shares for my team members so that it won’t be an accounting encumbrance going forward as I search for a new publisher. Since I doubt I’ve actually made any profit off  The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose thus far, I think my remaining funds will be better applied towards cat food. I don’t want to charge what scant readers I do have just to get the clunky “.wordpress” out of the URL, nor do I want the site to fold because I can’t afford domain hosting in perpetuity. So the site will continue to look cheap & unprofessional to reflect its wastrel author.

When Booktrope published The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, I was very ecstatic to finally have left a legacy. With Booktrope being a print-on-demand & ebook publisher, I never considered it going out out of print to be a possibility. Now I feel like I’ve won the endless war over who kills the last koala bear & who in death with love will love him more. Spoiler alert: It’s me because the last koala is a metaphor!

Now I begin querying publishers to get The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose back in print or take a go at self-publishing it through CreateSpace.  Even if this is as far as my literary career goes, at least I’ll take solace in being a one hit wonder. Oh wait, that requires me to have had a hit. I guess I have to get back to writing my difficult second novel then!

Rest in peace, Booktrope.

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