I’m Out Of Print!

The first edition of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is now officially out of print. (It joins my monograph, Generation Mixtape: A User’s Guide to Online Copyright, in the realm of discontinuance.) Thank you very much to everybody that purchased one. You now own a limited edition collector’s item.

I was told by Booktrope that its titles would be down as of June 1, but the discontinuance for its catalog was a rolling process. My book was gone a little early, with the paperback edition being the last to vanish. I hope nobody was procrastinating until the very last day. If you missed out, there are a few on eBay. I’ve also squirreled away a few copies. (Let me know below if you’d like me to part with them & we’ll work something out.)

Site upgrades are probably not happening soon. I spent a lot of money on ads, & the book wasn’t in print long enough for me to see a return on my investment. I’m also trying to buy out the royalty shares for my team members so that it won’t be an accounting encumbrance going forward as I search for a new publisher. Since I doubt I’ve actually made any profit off  The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose thus far, I think my remaining funds will be better applied towards cat food. I don’t want to charge what scant readers I do have just to get the clunky “.wordpress” out of the URL, nor do I want the site to fold because I can’t afford domain hosting in perpetuity. So the site will continue to look cheap & unprofessional to reflect its wastrel author.

When Booktrope published The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, I was very ecstatic to finally have left a legacy. With Booktrope being a print-on-demand & ebook publisher, I never considered it going out out of print to be a possibility. Now I feel like I’ve won the endless war over who kills the last koala bear & who in death with love will love him more. Spoiler alert: It’s me because the last koala is a metaphor!

Now I begin querying publishers to get The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose back in print or take a go at self-publishing it through CreateSpace.  Even if this is as far as my literary career goes, at least I’ll take solace in being a one hit wonder. Oh wait, that requires me to have had a hit. I guess I have to get back to writing my difficult second novel then!

Rest in peace, Booktrope.

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Just Some FILLER!

“EH?* Two posts in as many days? But you promised you’d only post once a week! Why would you do this to me?”

Well dear hypothetical reader, it’s like how your doctor tells you to take a double dose of your medicine the first day just to get firmly on the road to recovery. Trying to build a following for a weekly blog is tricksy without enough content to convince visitors to return. So that’s why I’m doubling down on entries. Trust me, I’m a doctor.**

I need to post some substantive content to get you invested in the success of this fledgling blog. I don’t want to lead off with a repost of an article commissioned by another site. The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is not quite ready for human consumption yet. So my best option is to show you some FILLER!

Feast your eyes upon the award-winning*** short film FILLER! If you already know me then odds are I’ve already forced you to watch it. That’s why you need to forward this blog to people I don’t know so you can all commiserate in regional support groups.

I co-wrote FILLER! with Andrew Birchenough. He, Fred Henry III, Lindsay Tierstein, Kristin Allmer, Tony Lombardo, Mike Dilorenzo, Brenda Belohoubek, Korey Hughes, Jack Gattanella, Casey Walker, Christina Hoffman, Krystle Von Thaden, Matt Rosen, & I graciously agreed to star in for free. (Should I add tags for these fine thespians too?) I ended up directing it despite not being a film student. FILLER! has since gone on to be an incredibly minor Interwuzzle sensation, particularly in The NetherlandsIt even has an IMDb page where you can rate it ten stars.

I am inordinately pleased with how FILLER! turned out & the response it has received. There are many more anecdotes I can share about this project. Give me some feedback about what you’d like to know more about in the comments section below. Keep your eyes figuratively peeled for more on FILLER! whenever there’s a slow week. If you’d rather not see any more FILLER!, keep your eyes peeled literally.

*’Eh?’ is a registered trademark of The Commonwealth of Canada.

**Doctor of Jurisprudence. Matt The Catania & its author are not responsible for anyone foolish enough to use this blog as a medical resource.

*** First Prize in the Alternative Film Category at the 2008 William Paterson University Film Festival