What’s The Sensation Of Masters Of The Universe Revelation?

I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch Masters Of The Universe Revelation since I’m only a filthy casual fan. (If I sound too knowledgeable about the franchise, it’s because I picked up a lot from cultural osmosis in addition to having the ability to research.) I had some free time after finishing the superlative second season of Never Have I Ever (Netflix better not axe it like it did my other favorite shows!), so I gave it a shot. Unlike big stretches of The Flash’s seventh season, I do not regret it. It’s getting an overabundance of negative buzz, so I’m belatedly SPOILING why it’s actually good so far. (Netflix annoyingly cleft it in twain like seasons two & three of She-Ra.)

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Does She-Ra & The Princesses Of Power’s Fifth Season Win In The End?

Hot on the heels of The Flash’s inadvertent sixth season finale, here comes She-Ra & The Princesses Of Power’s planned “fifth” & final season! Unlike season two, Netflix has blessed us with all the episodes at once! Rejoice in SPOILERS! If you’d prefer them musically, Catra sings the ominous minor key cover of the themesong fit for a modern horror film commercial. Then return soon for  Supergirl’s & Batwoman’s season finale reviews!


Time to reforge Narsil!

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She-Ra Season 4 Must Break You!

The fourth season of DreamWorks’ revamped She-Ra & the Princesses of Power has arrived! Wait, didn’t we just get the third season in August & the second in May? Netflix must be trying to set a record for the most seasons released for a single series in a year. If it gets the fifth out after the next solstice it’ll have She-Ra for all seasons! Read on for SPOILERS for the Honor of Grayskull! Feel free to skip the next two paragraphs though.


The Princess Alliance is low on elfin ear representation.

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She-Ra “Season 3” Was Worth The Wait

It seems like just yesterday I was critiquing Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season, & now we’re already on the new season of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power. (Oh wow, that was only just yesterday!) This is billed as season three, but it’s really the back half of season two. The missing six episodes finally arrived! I was able to comfortably watch them all in a single sitting. That also means I can get a review out quicker than the first season. (It would’ve been even faster had the SHIELD finale not gotten in the way.) A proportionate amount of SPOILERS follow.

I’ve read some people saying this is an improvement over the meandering season two because it’s more concise & dynamic. That’s because it’s the pay off to that set-up that should’ve never been released separately! (It doesn’t feel organic like splitting up CAOS.) They’re two halves of the same arc! Way to do a disservice to season two by dicing it in twain, Netflix & Dreamworks Animation! (This will not matter to anyone in the future binge watching the complete series.)


That’s not really how this works, Adora.

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Agents Of SHIELD Season Six Breaks The MCU?

After what was intended as a backdoor series finale last year, Agents of SHIELD has returned thanks to a surprise renewal for two more seasons. I continue to be amazed at its longevity & lack of merchandise in comparison the defunct Defenders series. (I don’t necessarily need a full Marvel Legends series for the show, but an occasional bone like a Quake vs. Crossfit Tinkerbell Ruby Hale or Madame Hydra vs. Ghost Rider two-pack would be nice.) These Steranko -ish promos make me wish they incorporated his op-art into the series. Anyway, here be SPOILERS.


Who turned Lola into a pool table?

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She-Ra Season 2 Got Shorted!

Captain Marvel + SHAZAM! = She-Ra! Season two of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power was released at the same time as Avengers: Endgame. (I have an addendum to my review at the end.) Let’s see if that works any better for it than the end of Gotham.

Like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Worse idea: putting a working fireplace in a high school library or a diner in a comic book shop?), seasons one & two were made back to back. (That’s more common in the animation industry.) This second batch also has fewer episodes. (There are even more in production, but it’s unclear if they’ll be season 3 or 2.5.) Appropriately for Catradora, they were released on Lesbian Visibility Day.


If cats rub their scent on all their property, how do they ever find anything?

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Thanksgiving For She-Ra!

I never watched the original She-Ra & the Princesses of Power (ditto He-Man & the  Masters of the Universe, though I don’t believe any of them mastered universes based on the movie adaptation I have seen), but my sister had most of the toys. I really enjoyed Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona (Which knight should Lee “Hammertime Piemaker” Pace voice in the movie?), but I didn’t like Lumberjanes as much because I needed more than one panel of The Holy Kitten! Her She-Ra reboot, however, is legitimutantly delightful! It’s reminiscent of the gone-too-soon Thundercats relaunch, particularly in its mythology. Like the new Ducktales & TMNT, it finds plenty of room for comedic characterization betwixt the action. (There’a lot of histrionic face-squishing!) The new intro is a definite improvement over the expository original. The bright pastel colors maintain a retro 80’s vibe. This seems like the opposite approach that David Goyer would’ve taken, & that is for the best! Catch the SPOILER cooties below because PRINCESSES ARE CONTAGIOUS MONSTERS!

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