Does The Climax Of Stranger Things 4 Bore?

The final two movie length episodes of Stranger Things season four pick up where the last batch left off. The first seven of nine episodes were lacking in Jeri Ryan. How about the Canada Day continuation? SPOILERS for something you’ve probably already binged! This’ll be a good cheat sheet for pretending to be hip at Fourth Of July cocktail parties too. While this season has great posters, these episodes may be too intense for goblin kitties!


It’s the blogging equivalent of buying a thank you card instead of writing my own!

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Is Stranger Things 4 A Chore?

It’s trendy to dunk on Stranger Things now for its diminishing returns, but I’m much more interested in it than the latest unnecessary Star Wars prequel since it’s not stuck in a narrative cull de sac. The first seven of nine premiered the same week as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Since that’s airing weekly, I can review it later anyway without being late. SPOILERS for season four except the two episodes they haven’t released yet are on the other side of this break. The main draw for this review is that you can read it in a fraction of the time it takes to watch all these!

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Stranger Things Is A Misnomer In Season Three

Netflix released Stranger Things season three on July 4, which coincides with this year’s narrative. It also competed against the Mysterio movie (Now that it & Aquaman are rolling in dough from embracing outlandish comic book costumes, can the era of grounded superhero aesthetics finally be dead?), much like how it pitted She-Ra against Avengers: Endgame. Unlike CAOS part two & She-Ra season three, this is definitely a discrete season unto itself. Holiday socializing pushed back my viewing schedule, so brace yourself for another cold take. I’d warn you about SPOILERS, but Netflix admitted that everyone already saw it.


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The TRU Death

Now another eulogy for the demise of Toys R Us. Yes, I realize it finally closed weeks ago. It’s not as if that makes it less accurate now. I was a ghoul & took photos! I also ramble about some Marvel stuff (mostly stray X-thoughts) that may become obsolete as soon as SDCC happens.


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Happy Helaween From The Upside Down!


I made you a turducken of terror!

Unlike the first season of Stranger Things, I was able to watch 2 Stranger 2 Things without the Interwuzzle spoiling everything for me! (I did so instead of catching up on Inhumans because I was the real monster all along!) So now I’ll spoil it for you! But odds are you also spent the weekend binging it. I guess this will still be around if you’d prefer to finish it & return, too.

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Pre-Defenders / Post-DuckTales Escapism!

The Defenders comes out on Friday! Until I get a chance to watch it at a leisurely pace, here’s some random other musings! If you make it to the bottom, I’ll tell you about DuckTales!

My feline overlord had her ferocious fifth birthday! She actually liked her presents this year! I don’t know how to process this.

DSCI3318 (2)

A Purricane of judgmental kitties would be more terrifying than any Sharknado.

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