The Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow Season Four Finale Spectacular!

Last week I recapped The Flash’s & Riverdale’s season finales. (Comparing The Flash to Riverdale is like comparing Cicadaggers to invisibears.) Now it’s Supergirl’s & Legends of Tomorrow’s turn! Fourth season finale SPOILERS abound below!


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Supergirl Vs. The Xenophobic World

So Supergirl begin season four by being more upfront about its politics than ever before. It’s had a dodgy time of this previously, yet it’s strangely working for the most part now. While we’re having a slow news week, I figure I’d check back in on all the recent happenings so that my eventual review of the DC TV season finales isn’t even more protracted this year. (I also realized My Crystal Fishbowl would be a keen name for a Mysterio fansite.)

When it began on CBS, Supergirl was the DC TV show about feminism by default. On top of its star having to be a role model for an entire gender, it didn’t help that most of the  issues it dealt with were superficial & the scifi was uninspired. At best it was a blander version of The Flash. (Although it did give Silver Banshee a better Venom arc than the Venom movie gave its lead.) In moving to The CW, the writers discovered something more substantial to hinge upon: Supergirl represents the immigrant experience better than her more famous cousin. After several showrunner shake-ups behind the scenes, now it feels like there’s a reason for this series to exist beyond the cast’s charm. It’s even turning past bugs into features!

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Is Elseworlds The Best Of All Possible Worlds?

This Elseworlds crossover does double duty as the midseason finales for The Flash, Supergirl, & Arrow. As befits the Freaky Friday conceit, the typical airing day of the shows have been scrambled. Fortunately The Flash had its 100th episode last week so it won’t have to celebrate that too, unlike the Arrow third of Invasion!  Although this year’s crossover is missing its Legends of Tomorrow component, I’ll still be discussing “Legends of To-Meow-Meow” below. If I make any errors in my SPOILERIFIC review, it’s because reality got warped again.


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Is Supergirl Finally Superb?

I’d erroneously thought Netflix was releasing Daredevil season three, Apostle, & the new The Legend Of Hell House House On Haunted Hill The Haunting Of Hill House  simultaneously. DC Universe did debut Teen Titans … so I guess Supergirl’s season four premiere is up for this week! Up, up, & away with SPOILERS!


Kara Zor-El declined to answer our questions about season three.

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The Reign Of Supergirl Ends

Last week I said I’d either write about Incredibles 2 or Supergirl next. Well the coin landed scarred side up! Is your body ready to be utterly disappointed by spoilers down, down, & away?


It took me way too long to notice her emblem is a screaming skull.

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The Shadow King Cancels TV

So many scripted shows got axed like timber this TV Upfronts season! Pretty soon I’ll have to resume blogging about books! I’m blaming The Shadow King. Why? Because I made a custom action figure of him, & I don’t feel like either is meaty enough for separate blogs.


Turn around, Bright Eyes!

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Jessica Jones, I Want Your Cray Cray!

Jessica Jones has my favorite first season of all Netflix’s Marvel shows. (Granted, I skipped Iron Fist, but a few YouTube clips convinced me I made a wise choice. I don’t care about The Punisher either.) Now I have a cold take on its sophomore season. Therefore I reckon it’ll be less read than my hot take on that misnomered movie about a limited amount of Infinity Stones in a war of finite duration. Let’s spoil its central mystery after the jump.


Jessica Jones would be even more marketable if she flew around in an eel-powered hovercraft.

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