Supergirl Inferior, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Superior

On Monday, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s season finale curbstomped Supergirl’s & Better Call Saul’s. This show has been a subversive delight from the start. It feels like the spawn of Wonderfalls & Galavant.You’d expect me to type a lengthy ode to it since it’s in the headline, but I tuckered myself out dissecting Supergirl below. (I will say that Vincent Rodriguez III would make a great live action  Grunge in the unlikely event that WB wants to do something with its Gen 13 rights.) Just watch it already!

The two-part season finale of Supergirl was a damp squib when it needed to be a damp squid.

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Batman v. Superman: Audio v. Visual Review

I saw Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice on Thursday, possibly so you don’t have to. As promised, these are my thoughts on it. This is a special review because it’s both audio & visual! Embedded below is my guest review of the film on The Wages of Cinema podcast. Beneath that is my solo written review. This counts as visual because you need to read letters with your eyes.

So if you opted out of the audio review, let me reiterate that this movie is dumb & pretentious. I am on record as thinking this movie would be a bad idea. Much of my doom foresight proved accurate. If you hated Man of Steel, you’re not going to like this either. That said, I didn’t completely hate this movie. I didn’t read all the negative reviews for it, but touting it as the worst movie ever is hyperbole. I say this objectively, having seen far too many abysmal movies in my life. It’s not a very good movie, mind you, but loathing it that much gives the film too much credit. Or it doesn’t give the film enough credit in the wake of all the obstacles & expectations it faced, if you’re in a generous mood. Now let’s dive into SPOILERS & nerdy nitpicks for a critique that’s as overly long as the movie’s name!

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