Better Things Than Batman v. Superman

Unsurprisingly, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was not very good. (It also wasn’t that awful.) To compensate, I’ll talk about plenty of geeky adaptations that are more worth your time. That could be a really expansive list, so I’ll narrow it down to what I’ve recently seen.

The “Worlds Finest” crossover episode of Supergirl really should have an apostrophe after the first ‘s.’ F-Lash getting everyone ice cream cones is the best use of superspeed since Zoom handing out posters of Harrison Wells in Earth-2.  Winn absorbed Barry’s affability just by being near him. Barry also somehow managed offscreen to make it so metahumans no longer need to be imprisoned in military black sites. Extraterrestrials still aren’t entitled to due process in the Lucy-ocracy though.

It was great how they matter-of-factly established Silver Banshee was a kind of magic. (See, it’s that simple, Marvel Studios!) I loved how Siobahn just did her face up like comic Silver Banshee without needing an over-explained justification. She just decided to become full Goth (unlike that poseur, Pixie). All that facepaint shows commitment & showmanship. Too bad Livewire didn’t get a costume upgrade to match. Why couldn’t she have received an offscreen makeover too? She looked especially bad next to her new bestie. You can’t dress in ratty civvies like a radio face anymore if you want to be respected as a supervillainess, Leslie!

This episode was the anti-BVSDOJ. The set-up, tone, colors, & characterization were wonderful whereas the climax was lacking. I really don’t like it when regular people save superheroes, especially when it makes F-Lash superfluous. After all her build-up, Silver Banshee is accidentally defeated when Livewire is once again vanquished by municipal water. Rushing through the finale to get to Non’s Myriad cliffhanger was not cool.


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I Got 99 Problems, But Bestselling Ain’t One!

Thank you very much to everyone who downloaded a freebie of Brother Banenose last week! Not only did it start the week off as #1 in free historical fantasy, it wrapped up as #4 in both free historical fantasy & free LGBT fantasy! Nobody gives away intangibles better than Runaway Goodness! And nobody accepts them better than YOU!


The free period is over, but you can still get it for $2.99 for the rest of November. The morning after the promotion ended, it was #99 in non-free LGBT fantasy & #110 in non-free humorous fantasy! Barely making it onto a non-free top 100 list officially qualifies it a legitimutant best seller! Thank you very much, paying customers, for giving me a bona fide excuse to coin the term legitimutant!


Then on Sunday, it popped up to #83 just to undermine the dated reference in my headline. Look whose book it beat out:


Yup, I outsold THE Stephen Fry in this category. Even temporarily, this does not compute. Stephen Fry would be an excellent narrator for the audiobook, by the way.

I’m still avaricious enough to want to climb even higher in the rankings, so please continue to purchase the book or get other people to do it for you by adding it to your wishlists. A fortnight ago, I signed a big stack of paperbacks. In fact, I’ve signed every paperback I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thus far. So unsigned paperbacks of my debut novel may actually be rarer than the ones I’ve defaced with inscriptions & doodles. Pristine copies cou actually be worth a lot more money one day!

So now that people that I don’t know are reading my book, I’d like to hear what you think about it. Should I backtrack on my current plan to not write a sequel? Or should I not write another book, period? Tell me in the comments. Or you can click the heart icon to let me hear your opinion on a social feed of your choice.

Now here’s an interview with d20 RouletteI met half their team through the superlative fictional resource & its equally amazing fan forum, Unstable Molecules. This was my first Skype interview:


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Brother Banenose Trailer 2: Medieval Boogaloo!

As it turns out, writing blog titles in German doesn’t boost global readership! Who knew? Here’s the epic second trailer for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose you’ve all been waiting for! Now with gratuitous grimdark!

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Better Exposure Through Defacement

The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is now listed on Goodreads. I’ll be updating it with more information as I receive it. When the book comes out, that’ll be one of the places for you to slag it off.

You’ve already seen the cover, so now behold the marketing. I’ve specially defaced one of my paintings so that you’ll have your first glimpse of the writing within. It even has the #BrotherBanenose hashtag that only I’ve used. Maybe I should’ve gone with #TDAOBB instead.


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Yes, I specifically mean YOUR bookshelf.

So after years of fruitless querying, I finally have a book deal! The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose will be published … as a book … that you can buy! It has been officially picked up by the indie publishing house Booktrope. I didn’t even need to grovel first. I’m feeling pretty shpadoinkle about this development. Aside from this being grand news for me, here’s why it’s good news for you too:

1. It won’t be self-published. This means that somebody besides me declared “Yes, The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is a book that ought to be published!” Doesn’t that make you feel much better about reading it in the future? There will also be people with professional experience helping to maintain quality control. This works out well for me because I don’t need to spend money I don’t have up front to get my book published in the offchance that I can sell it directly to enough people to recoup my expenses. Foucault’s Pendulum warned me about that scam. It ends with me having to sleep under a makeshift lean-to composed of unsold copies & carry oversized hobo bindles for me & my cat. Yes, she’s that lazy.

2. It won’t be crowdfunded. My book will not be competing with other projects for your advance patronage. As a semi-recluse, I doubt I know enough people to fund a successful campaign. So if you wanted the book but it didn’t meet its minimum, both of us would remain unsatisfied.  If it did get fully funded, on the other hand, you’d still run the risk of me frittering away your investment on library sale books & action figures instead of production. This also saves me the hassle of creating different rewards tier incentives on top of making & shipping the book itself. Booktrope already has logistics for production & distribution of mind-altering tomes worked out. This reduces the risk of you missing out if you didn’t pre-order before a campaign deadline (because there won’t be one).

3. I’ll still have a lot of input into the final product. Booktrope’s publishing platform provides plenty of freedom to authors. As a first time author, I would not receive the same level of control if a major publisher had the good sense to accept my manuscript. I get to hand select an international team to ferry The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose to completion. It may even remain the comic misadventures of a Medieval monk named Brother Banenose, but that may change drastically once I receive my editor’s notes. I can even include illustrations (provided I figure out a workaround for oversize flatbed scanners being extinct).  So if Booktrope is willing to give me enough rope to hang myself, I’m sure as Hell going to tie an excellent noose!

Booktrope has distribution infrastructure set up with retailers such as Amazon & Barnes & Noble, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to obtain a copy of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose. The book will be produced in both electromagnetic & carbon based varieties. So far the only downside that I see is that Booktrope does not pay advances to authors to live off before books go to press. I will only be earning my share of its royalties. So I’d greatly appreciate it if you bought a copy or forty-two of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose when it comes out! They’ll make excellent gifts for everyone you know. I’ll even sign your e-book if you accost me at the supermarket. (Please don’t accost in the supermarket because I’ll scream & it’ll be embarrassing for everyone.)

Special thanks to Cain S. Latrani for getting me in touch with Booktrope. So pick up his forthcoming War Witch: Rise too!

In other recent developments, I’ve also got a new list on Topless Robot this week that you should read because it contains both Rocksteady & Bebop! 10 Reasons why the 2012 TMNT Cartoon Is the Best Version in all Media

Finally, the blog has surpassed the thousand visitors mark this week! Thanks for swinging by! Keep coming back for more as I give updates on the progress of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose & other stuff I’m working on.