The Defenders Is A Good Offense

Netflix’s The Defenders is finally out! My pre-Defenders blog became obsolete so fast! (If you’re not interested in this series, I recommend streaming the following international films on Netflix, depending on your region: Tag, The Forbidden Room, Wetlands, Filth, Look Who’s Back, Bon Cop/Bad Cop, & The Treacherous.) I was impressed by Daredevil season one, loved Jessica Jones, disappointed by Daredevil season two, & pleasantly surprised by Luke Cage. Instead of bothering with Iron Fist, I watched Crazyhead, which has the best title sequence so I regret nothing! Last chance to defend yourself from The Defenders spoilers!

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Pre-Defenders / Post-DuckTales Escapism!

The Defenders comes out on Friday! Until I get a chance to watch it at a leisurely pace, here’s some random other musings! If you make it to the bottom, I’ll tell you about DuckTales!

My feline overlord had her ferocious fifth birthday! She actually liked her presents this year! I don’t know how to process this.

DSCI3318 (2)

A Purricane of judgmental kitties would be more terrifying than any Sharknado.

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Is Luke Cage All The Rage?

The Defenders is coming soon! (I’m hoping it abruptly switches from them teaming up to thwart The Hand to Patsy getting married to Daimon Hellstrom.) Thanks to a temporary Netflix (the company that wants both the TV & movie awards for technically being either) account, I finally got around to fulfilling my promise of watching Luke Cage.  Anybody still need an overview of that? (Let’s see if this obsolete review is more popular than timely reviews of Atomic Blonde & Valerian. Surely it’s got to do better than my S-M: TOTD critique.) My review gets a bit spoilery, but maybe that’s not such a big deal since it’s been out so long.


I wasn’t too excited about watching this since Luke Cage was pretty dull in the mostly great Jessica Jones. Daredevil season 2 left a bad taste in my mouth too. I liked Luke Cage, however, more than I expected. It helped that I didn’t have to marathon the whole thing in a single day, though the Netflix bastards kept shrinking the credits on me. Fortunately Mike Colter can make Luke a likeable character when he’s the lead. Showing how afraid he is of being sent back to prison for a nebulous crime he didn’t commit (or breaking out, which is a crime he did do) explains why he was so low key in Jessica Jones. Despite all his rage, he is still just a Luke in a cage … of his own trauma. Cage does grow into an inspirational hero though. He even does a riff on a timely Captain America speech where he explains that Harlem is only great if it has great denizens. He also frequently exclaims “Sweet Christmas!”

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Legends of Supergirl

Supergirl season two’s premiere on the CW felt more confident & jam-packed with cool things than anything in CBS’s season one. Boring office stuff was kept to a minimum in favor of fleshing out her mythos & big action scenes. Instead of awkwardly telling us how feminist it is, it shows us. It feels like a soft reboot, so you probably don’t even need to watch the choppy first season to know what’s going on. I’m still not cool with it airing in the same time slot as Gotham though. I’d warn you of SPOILERS for this & Legends of Tomorrow’s season two premieres, but odds are you’ve already seen Supergirl based on its record-breaking ratings.

Even with Superman guest starring, Supergirl isn’t reduced to second banana. Is Melissa Benoist actual sunshine in a human-shaped containment unit? She’d knock it out of the park as literally horny Supergirl. (Please adapt, CW!)

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All The SDCC 2016 News That’s Fit To Print!

San Diego Comic Con 2016 dished out sensory overload before stumbling to a preordained conclusion. True to form, barely any of the news was directly related to comic books. I figured I’d give you hyperlinks to various trailers & add commentary. I got halfway through writing this when I noticed that that’s what all the reputable nerd news sites were doing anyway. And this is why is nigh-impossible to make a living at this anymore. So thank you for coming here to get the news that’s available everywhere. I also threw in some stuff about action figures. I’m posting early this week so it might not be completely irrelevant by the time you see it. Anyway, here’s the giant-sized part the second of my SDCC 2016 armchair coverage!


Exclusive memento mori!

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I Double Dog Daredevil You!

After thirteen hours of binge-watching, I’ve concluded Daredevil season 2 wasn’t nearly as good as its first season or Jessica Jones. Those two had the benefit of telling a single (albeit sometimes overlong) story whereas this tries to do too much at once. It’s still better than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice though, although that movie is less of a time-sink.  Since I don’t have a word limit, prepare for extensive SPOILERS.

Not only does it have too many subplots, they’re also CONSPIRACIES! If they were going to load it with that many elements, it would’ve been better to keep them simple. The DA can’t just prosecute Punisher for his crimes like you’d expect. She has to be a corrupt DA involved a cover-up of of the very public death of Punisher’s family. Then the Kingpin plots to rig the trial so he can conquer prison. The Punisher discovers his family’s death was a conspiracy of coincidence & snuffs it out so there won’t be an overarching plot for his eventual Netflix spinoff. This is all on top of the vague shadow war between the Chaste & the Hand ninja cults. This somehow involves the Hand using the Yakuza to infiltrate Roxxon. Why did the Hand dig a ginormous hole in midtown? 


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Better Things Than Batman v. Superman

Unsurprisingly, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was not very good. (It also wasn’t that awful.) To compensate, I’ll talk about plenty of geeky adaptations that are more worth your time. That could be a really expansive list, so I’ll narrow it down to what I’ve recently seen.

The “Worlds Finest” crossover episode of Supergirl really should have an apostrophe after the first ‘s.’ F-Lash getting everyone ice cream cones is the best use of superspeed since Zoom handing out posters of Harrison Wells in Earth-2.  Winn absorbed Barry’s affability just by being near him. Barry also somehow managed offscreen to make it so metahumans no longer need to be imprisoned in military black sites. Extraterrestrials still aren’t entitled to due process in the Lucy-ocracy though.

It was great how they matter-of-factly established Silver Banshee was a kind of magic. (See, it’s that simple, Marvel Studios!) I loved how Siobahn just did her face up like comic Silver Banshee without needing an over-explained justification. She just decided to become full Goth (unlike that poseur, Pixie). All that facepaint shows commitment & showmanship. Too bad Livewire didn’t get a costume upgrade to match. Why couldn’t she have received an offscreen makeover too? She looked especially bad next to her new bestie. You can’t dress in ratty civvies like a radio face anymore if you want to be respected as a supervillainess, Leslie!

This episode was the anti-BVSDOJ. The set-up, tone, colors, & characterization were wonderful whereas the climax was lacking. I really don’t like it when regular people save superheroes, especially when it makes F-Lash superfluous. After all her build-up, Silver Banshee is accidentally defeated when Livewire is once again vanquished by municipal water. Rushing through the finale to get to Non’s Myriad cliffhanger was not cool.


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