SHAZAM! 2: Lightning Boogaloo

Is it too late to change the title of SHAZAM! Fury Of The Gods to SHAZAM 2: Lightning Boogaloo or SHA2AM? It was among the DC movies originally scheduled to premiere last year before the WBD merger shuffled or cancelled projects. David Zaslav still having the top job at Warner Bros. only makes sense in Bizarro World. This sequel is the first of four DC films scheduled to release in 2023, but I still worry Blue Beetle & Aquaman 2 aren’t safe. Speak “SHAZAM!” to see sequel SPOILERS! You don’t even need to be reading this at  Amersham Shazamersham station.


Captain Cheesesteak has to settle for Skittles since Babybel funded the wrong Captain Marvel!

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Tune In To DC Cartoons & Mutant Mayhem!

February was a crazy busy month that I didn’t get around to blogging much. Remind me about that at the end of the year when I panic about my viewership decreasing. I got new spectacles, & now I’m afraid strangers online that haven’t seen my visage won’t recognize me. Then I discovered local McDonald’s charges seventy cents more for a large shamrock shake than one on the highway. The mall one is furthest away & cheapest yet by thirty cents. So if I travel far enough from home I’ll eventually be able to get shamrock shakes for a penny!

The trailer for TMNT: Mutant Mayhem just dropped. I don’t have too much to say about that yet, so let’s chat about random DC cartoons first. (Sorry, draft of random non-DC cartoons!) There will be SPOILERS for Young Justice & miscellaneous animated movies. I would’ve blogged on James Gunn’s “Gods & Monsters” DC Studios announcements, but I worry it’ll just become frustrating vaporware like Batgirl thanks to David Zaslav. I swear Zaslav becoiming WB Discovery CEO is going to be my supervillain origin story.   Hardcore MODOK fetishists can read my Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania collaboreview again instead.

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Customizing Gen 13’s Caitlin Fairchild Is Fairplay

Ever since finishing Firefly, I’ve had a spare Marvel Select Gwen Stacy head staring at me on my workbench. It was too nice of a sculpt to go to waste. The expression on the sculpt by Jean St. Jean is beguiling for being neither neutral nor extreme. It’s not scaled for Marvel Legends, so that knocked out many body transplant options. I wasn’t even sure whom I’d use the unmasked Spider-Gwen head for until I began thinking about her bangs lunatic fringe. A little orange paint confirmed my suspicion she’d work as Gen 13’s Caitlin Fairchild. As she was the runner up to become the visage of my overly mogged Polaris custom, I realized Mattel’s Wrestlemania Chyna would accommodate her & be a more appropriate physique. At the glacial pace McFarlane Toys is producing women (to stem a glut of future serial killers), I wouldn’t need to worry about an official Fairchild being made soon. If you thought a TMNT x Power Rangers mashup was too mainstream, this is the 90’s alternative custom for you!

Caitlin Fairchild

Sun’s out; gams out.

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DC Without Batman

This blog is made of DC Comics ramblings that aren’t about Batman. He’s so ubiquitous that it’s harder than it sounds. Much like X-Men when it comes to Marvel, I have an easier time filling up a blog just about the Bat-corner of DC. Although with the amount of Batman content that it churns out, it may be more apt to say there’s a non-Batman corner of DC. So some Batman may have unavoidably seeped in here. This is organized into Superman, Wonder Woman, assorted Justice Leaguers that didn’t merit being separated by tildes, & Watchmen. Most miscellaneous thoughts about the confusing state of DC animation (RIP Kevin Conroy) & movies will also be covered sometime later. Unlike last week’s Christmas special review, this jumble is perfect for reading at any season. Click the contextual links before they get scrubbed & I have to put effort into stealing others’ jokes by recreating them from the ground up.


I found a couple extra Lashina shots to spice up the text.

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Stargirl’s Three Thousand Years Of Longing

The headline was originally going to be “Three Thousand Years Of Longing For Stargirl,” but it sounded a tad too skeevy. I doubt anybody’s been that horny for Stargirl for so long anyway. I’m glad its third season is now here though! Ordinarily I’d wait until the season was over to review it all at once, but those posts might be prohibitively long. Also The CW series I watch that haven’t been massacred aren’t returning this fall, so there’s not going to be as much topic competition this year. I did want to recommend Three Thousand Years Of Longing though since it’s unjustly bombing. Both include a Djinn, so they’ve got more commonality than Riverdale & The Sandman (aside from serial killer conventions). Do you wish for SPOILERS?

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A Decade Of D-Cat!

It’s cat bloggin’ time! Recently I celebrated my cat’s tenth birthday. (I waited until after to write this headline & introduction so as not to jinx it with tragedy.) I don’t know if it’s her real birthday, but it’s the one I assigned her in lieu of a birth certificate. It’s also not her tenth anniversary of being the feline in residence. (Until her family pays her ransom, this cat will continue to be my hostage.) Rather than continuously refer to her generically, I will reveal her first name starts with D. This will maintain a level of privacy for her & prevent me from having to commit to one spelling online. Happy decade to the D-Cat!

Unlike the inflatable birthday hat fiasco, this year I went out of my way to purchase her Yeoww! catnip toys from Pet Goods she actually appreciates. The path of least resistance works to placate pussycats! Hopefully they’ll make some catnip fish in new colors because I believe she now has the complete set. She’s quite fond of nip-pineapple. I was able to get plenty of photos of her playing with her new toys, but the lighting wasn’t ideal. So here’s some of her wielding hammers instead!


“These tools are mine now. I am become a hammerist.”

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Whipping Up Lashina

If you wanted a very verbose blog about customizing Lashina & her use within DC Comics, you’ve come to the right place! If not, just look at the pictures. Either way it gives you more fake nerd cred than reading a Thor 4 trailer reaction. The real nerd cred, however, comes from supporting #renewLegendsOfTomorrow until The CW bends to our will! The bastards just cancelled Legends Of Tomorrow the same day we lost Neal Adams & Batwoman? GRODD DAMN THEM! Now back #saveLegendsOfTomorrow & petition HBO Max to give it a proper wrap-up!


Post-Apocalyptic jump rope has a dress code.

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The XS-ively Verbose Seventh Blogiversary!

Why does anyone still go to Central City’s Jitters? Its loyalty rewards program is unbeatable, & tourists are thrilled to see meta-crooks wreck the light fixtures! Those aren’t SPOILERS ahead for the latest The Flash episode, but they could be for the overall series. I’ll also ramble about Batwoman, DC Multiverse toys, & The Batman in a desperate attempt at relevancy for my seventh anniversary blog.

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Dot’s All For The Suicide Squad’s Polka-Dot Man

McFarlane Toy’s DC Multiverse Polka-Dot Man was molded in ecru despite his suit in The Suicide Squad clearly being white. The toy also comes with a card pointing out they didn’t paint the dots right. (In ye olden days, Todd would’ve given it immaculate paint at the expense of useful articulation.) So I did the only sane thing & repainted it. See if you can spot all the differences.


“Taste the rainbow … OF DEATH!”

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The Official Cat Post Of 2021

I finally got around to publishing my annual cat post! As usual, it contains anecdotes about my kitty & assorted cat links with minimal narrative cohesion. Many of the links I’d collected over the year turned out to be from retricted or deleted accounts the day before just to make this more challenging. I even found new things to say about Cats. So bully for you if that’s what you’ve been waiting for from my blog! If not, come back soon for the forthcoming The Flash Armageddon, Rivervale, Spider-Man: No Way Home, & Hawkeye reviews torrent! Maybe I’ll enjoy some of them more than Batwoman’s third season?

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